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Shop Local

10 Great Reasons to Shop Local

Online shopping is wonderfully convenient and is booming. But recent research from Barclaycard Payments indicated that during the last year there was a significant uptick in local shopping too, particularly in food and drink specialist stores.

You might think “well, we couldn’t travel or eat out, so no surprises there”. However, the research also indicated that most people intend to continue to keep their custom local, even after restrictions are completely lifted. Here are a few of the reasons we love shopping locally.

For Our Community

Invested in Success
Local businesses are owned and staffed by people who live in this area and have more of an emotional and financial investment in the community’s welfare and future.

The unique character of your community is defined in part by the shops, pubs and restaurants. This contributes to your overall satisfaction with where you live and supports the value of your property.

Keep it in the Community
Locally owned businesses will often purchase from other local companies, service providers and farms. This brings two benefits: the money and jobs stay right here and there are fewer miles between the producer and the purchaser.

Competition and Variety
A town of homogenised chain stores is a town without character. Competition is healthy and with no corporate mandate to adhere to, a small business is free to introduce new products and try different ideas.

Paying Their Taxes
The big conglomerates often play the system such that their taxes in the UK are a tiny percentage of the profits they make in this country. It’s legal, but it doesn’t mean it’s good. The local businesses are far more likely to be contributing their fair share into the UK’s coffers.

For Ourselves

More Than Shopping
Regular patronage of small local outlets means the owner and staff will recognise you and get to know you. That social connection – which we’ve all sorely missed over the last year – is both important and highly enjoyable.

Touch and Feel
Internet pictures are no substitute for seeing and touching products yourself. You are less likely to make a mistake if you’ve already handled your purchase.

Easy to Return Goods
Online shopping is easy. Online returns less so and often you have to pay to send back unwanted or faulty items.

Personal Service
You won’t be restricted to just what’s on the shelf. Ask the person behind the counter and not only can they offer advice, but they may be able to order it in for you too.

A Chance to Socialise
You don’t accidentally meet people sat on your sofa. Being out and about means there’s a chance of bumping into someone you know. What’s more, you’ll start seeing the same faces around so might find yourself with new friends too.

In summary, what’s not to like? Good for your community, good for the environment and good for your own wellbeing. Let’s keep our towns and villages alive by shopping locally.