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Louise Hall Hypnosis Health Article - February/March 24

Keeping Your Inner Candle Lit

Imagine a large candle, encased in a glass shield. You reach out, lift the protective shield, and carefully ignite the candle's flame. It flickers to life, casting a warm and inviting glow. You then place the glass shield back, protecting the flame from external influences.

Now, picture that candle as you, and just like the Olympic torch, you must never let that flame go out, no matter what life throws your way. While the candle is shielded, you are shielded too, perhaps surrounded by a loving family, supportive friends, and understanding workmates. Under these conditions, the flame burns steadily without a care in the world.

However, there are moments when the shield is removed - moments that signify say leaving home for the first time, the start of a new job, or even an earlier point in life when security was lost, or a loved one passed away. These moments can leave your inner flame exposed and vulnerable.

Imagine you have a piece of paper, and you move it close to that candle flame. You'll see the flame react. That's because the invisible forces ("energy") from the paper affect the flame. It's like a little push of air from the paper that can disturb the flame's balance.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Our thoughts, words, and feelings are like really strong invisible forces, much stronger than a piece of paper. When we feel really sad, or angry, or keep thinking about something upsetting, it's like those invisible forces become powerful winds that can affect how we feel inside.

Now, imagine that invisible force unleashed when witnessing something traumatic, for example a loved one's tragic passing. The intense grief and shock can feel like a sledgehammer blow. Visualise that emotion as a physical force heading straight for you, and the immense effort required to dodge, stay calm, stay focused, and keep your inner flame burning.

If you've experienced similar traumatic events in quick succession, you've had to endure a relentless onslaught, just like that flame being tossed about by the paper but never extinguished. The resilience you muster to maintain your balance can be exhausting.

So, if we equate the piece of paper with unpleasant events or a series of them, the energy from these events transfers directly into your inner flame, accumulating as negative emotions.

If you have a high-stress profession like the police force, or as a first responder, or in healthcare, you face a constant stream of stress and sadness, with successes interspersed. But the negatives can accumulate. How long can you withstand it without giving your flame a chance to rest and rejuvenate?

It’s so important to manage emotional overload before it becomes overwhelming. Seek healthy ways to relieve stress, both mentally and physically—whether through meditation, yoga, taking time for activities you enjoy, or talking to someone who cares.

If you've been dodging and diving, much like that flame, for years, consider seeking help from specialist professionals, such as counselling or hypnotherapy. Don't wait until your inner flame is snuffed out - prioritise your emotional wellbeing today. Your inner light deserves to burn brightly.

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