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Finance Article - February/March 24

Your Questions Answered by TaxAssist Accountants

Is my bank interest income taxable?

I have received a lot more interest from my bank this year because of the increase in savings interest rates. I am a higher rate taxpayer and earned almost £1,000 of interest across my accounts. Please could you let me know if I will need to pay tax?


As a higher-rate taxpayer, you are entitled to a personal savings allowance of £500. This means that £500 of your interest income is tax-free. The remainder of your interest income will be taxed at your usual tax rate. As a higher rate taxpayer this is 40% in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and 42% in Scotland. 

If you prepare a self-assessment income tax return you will need to ensure you report all your savings income, the tax payable on your savings income will then be included in your tax liability. 

If you have an accountant who prepares your tax return, provide them with details and evidence of the interest you received - you may have received an annual interest declaration from your savings provider which covers the tax year and can be used for this purpose.

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