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RSPCA Column - December 23/January 24

Top Tips From The RSPCA Coventry On Caring For Your Pets During The Cost Of Living Crisis

At the RSPCA Coventry & District branch, we know that many of us are animal lovers and would love to adopt a furry friend into our lives. We also know that the cost of living is a concern and that potential owners are worried about looking after their pets well.

Adopt rather than shop

There are many animal charities, like ourselves, who take in animals that need rehoming. Every animal that leaves us for it’s forever home has been microchipped, neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas. While there is an adoption fee, this is not only lower than buying a pedigree breed, you also know that, with our organisation, the animal's behaviour has been reviewed and we can advise you on a possible pet that will fit in with your lifestyle. You can see some of our dogs and cats that are looking for a home in this article.

Shop around for pet insurance

We’d always recommend pet insurance as while it can seem an unnecessary expense, should the worst occur and your pet does, unfortunately, become ill, vet fees can soon rack up. Pet insurance can then be a literal lifesaver. Shopping around for the best insurance though is always a good idea. Compare plans and prices against your budget and always shop around at renewal time. Talk to your local vets as well, they may have partnerships with insurers or have payment plans available. When you adopt from the RSPCA Coventry and District Branch you automatically get four weeks free pet insurance.

Buy your prescriptions online

There are pet health clubs that can help with the costs of flea and worm treatments. But we’d also recommend asking your vet for a prescription and then shopping online for the medicine. This can often be considerably cheaper than going direct and help save you money while giving your pet what they need.

Time to play

One of the greatest gifts you can give your pet is your time. While that doesn’t have a direct cost attached to it there are always easy handmade toys you can make your pet to improve their life. Chew toys for dogs can be made from old t-shirts or socks simply by tying knots in them. And we all know cats love an empty cardboard box!

The benefits to you of having a pet

Finally, we’d tell you to ask yourself what the benefits of owning an animal are to you. Research shows that pets reduce our stress and anxiety and provide companionship. Something essential during times such as these. Their love and loyalty is priceless and truly rewarding.

Where else to look for support?

If you are still unsure about adopting a pet or concerned about caring for your current animal, then please get in touch with us. We want to make sure our animals are right for humans and introductions as part of the adoption process are important to us. During these introductions, we also talk about looking after your animal and the options available to you.