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Interiors Column - October/November 22

Changing Spaces

Nine small changes that can transform any room

We’d all love to splash the cash on home renovations, but in the current climate our ability to transform a space with a big budget may find itself hampered by the perpetual rising cost of goods.

The good news is there is another way, because affecting simple changes and additions to your current living spaces, with a personal touch, can breathe life, energy and happiness into the place we call home.

  1. Follow the light

Lamps are the easiest way to positively alter the entire mood and vibe of a room. They’re usually pretty cheap, come in a range of styles and looks to suit your interior, and the transformation is quick!

  1. Go green

Plants will bring life and colour to an otherwise drab space. They also improve your air quality, making them well worth the extra care and attention they require. And breathe…

  1. Hang out

Art is a great way to really personalise your home, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a unique look. Whether it’s a favourite record, childhood photo or quirky cartoon that made you smile once, it belongs on your wall.

And of course, if you’re feeling really ambitious, get the canvas and paints out!

  1. Shelve it

As well as providing an excellent way to maximise storage in a room, shelves have the ability to become a feature in their own right if you fill them with interesting books and mementos.

  1. Make a statement

A really unique piece of furniture can bring to life an otherwise unremarkable space, which is why you need to hunt down that vintage cocktail globe or shabby chic chaise longue, pronto!

  1. Go throw

Is your sofa looking a little tired? Has your bed seen better days? Then throw a throw on it - the bold and brighter, the better.

  1. Bells and whistles

From vintage doorknobs to bespoke light switches, the attention to detail we put into fixings, handles and the like can give furniture or cupboards an invigorated new image.

  1. Rug doctor

A decent rug can really tie a room together, with the chance to complement colour, texture and the type of look you’re going for. And as an added bonus, of course, it can also hide that wine stain from last Christmas!

  1. Reflect

Mirrors aren’t just for gazing at yourself adoringly, they can also bring light and space to an otherwise gloomy room, if positioned towards windows and given the occasional wipe!