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Interiors Column - February/March 24

The Look Of Love

We all want our homes to be filled with love, so consider embracing the romantic décor trend – a look that is about soft, elegant and subtle feminine energy.


The trend has roots in romanticism, an artistic and cultural movement that emerged in the late 18th Century and had a profound influence on various forms of creative expression, including interior decor. Rooted in a fascination with nature, emotion, and the sublime, romanticism in interior decor sought to infuse spaces with a sense of passion, beauty and nostalgia.

Beds were canopied, wallpaper was hand painted with exquisite floral designs and rooms rustled with whispers of velvet and silk.

The present

Modern romantic décor, by contrast, is far humbler and less outwardly decadent. Though comfort and subtle luxury still play key roles, there is far less flamboyance. In particular, the palate is more muted with beige, pale rose, lavender and powder blue taking centre stage.

Achieving the look

When selecting upholstery choose warm, soft tones that create a feeling of cosiness. Fabrics such as linen, suede and velvet will boost the warmth and sensuality of the room, while a cashmere blanket adds that extra layer of luxe.

Furniture and decor pieces in traditional romantic interiors were often characterised by ornate detailing and intricate craftsmanship. Elaborate carvings, curvaceous lines, and decorative flourishes were common in pieces like cabinets, chairs and mirrors - furniture that was not just functional but also a work of art.

The updated look still incorporates curved lines but there is less intricacy. In fact, choosing wooden furniture that has more of a French rustic feel – a solid wooden dining table, a vintage armoire in washed out grey or an antique chest of drawers that boasts more curves than a corseted lady.

Lighting is also a pivotal aspect of this look. Dimmable bulbs are useful to create softer lighting, yet even a few strategically placed candles can boost the romantic aesthetic of a room.

Traditional romantic decor also often featured personal effects and possessions. In our modern commercialised world, it is these personal touches that can be the line between your living room looking like an Ikea showroom or a true home, so embrace but tread carefully.

Finally, invest in some transparent curtains. Sheer drapes can be fashioned from delicate, flowing materials such as voile, silk, chiffon, organza, and lace. These styles of curtains transform intense sunlight into a gentler, subdued glow, offering both seclusion and the sensation of a room filled with soft, airy illumination.