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Community News - April/May 23

Community News From Around Our Area

Children’s Charity Receives a $10K Grant from the MDRT Foundation

Molly Ollys children’s charity is delighted to have received a $10,000 (circa. £8,300) grant from the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation.

The MDRT Foundation gives to charitable organisations worldwide, demonstrating the generosity, service and impact of MDRT members. It is a global, independent association of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals.

Molly Ollys is a children’s charity, based in Warwickshire, which emotionally supports children in the UK who have life-threatening illnesses. The Charity delivers wishes to make the children smile; it donates its Olly The Brave therapeutic toy lion and story books directly to families and through more than 70 hospitals, and it carries out bespoke projects with NHS hospitals to improve the care of children with life-threatening health conditions.

The grant from the MDRT Foundation will be used to help fund the training of two Paediatric Palliative Consultants at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Co-founder of Molly Ollys, Rachel Ollerenshaw explains how this money will help, “Molly Ollys funded BCH’s first Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine for three years, before the NHS took the role on. We know first-hand how crucial these Consultants are in helping children with terminal illnesses to have the best quality of life – even if there is not quantity.

“We are very grateful for this grant which will help improve the palliative care of children and young people treated at the hospital.”

The grant was officially awarded to the Charity on 28th February by Michael Bibb who has been a member of the MDRT for many years. Mr Bibb explains why he put Molly Ollys forward, “I have been a supporter of Molly Ollys for a number of years. I have seen how the work the Charity does brings joy to these extremely ill children. Being a father of four, I cannot imagine how devastating it must be to have a child with a life-threatening health condition. It is so important there is the right treatment and care for these children whose lives may not be long. Molly Ollys will be using this grant to make a real difference to these children and their families.”

This year, the MDRT Foundation will award over $1.6 million (£1.3 million) in MDRT member-endorsed grants to over 300 charitable organisations worldwide. For more information, visit