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Travel Column - October/November 22

Holiday Hideaways

The holiday hideaways of the rich and famous that are accessible by anyone.

Idris Elba, South Africa

“South Africa is very special. I enjoyed working there and getting to know the people. South Africans are very laid back and cool. It's a place that I know I could live in or spend a lot of time in. They also have a great live music scene there too, much like Jamaica.

“To see a place that has experienced so much trouble flourish into one of the best destinations in the world is tremendous. The people are warm, the scenery is incredible and there is a real drive to bring genuine originality to a destination which can offer so much, if given the opportunity.”

Eddie Redmayne, Positano (Amalfi Coast)

“Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. It is the most romantic place in which I have ever stayed.

“Most of the beaches are privately attached to hotels, and each road that clings onto the hillside is seductively quiet, winding and peaceful.

“The harbour is tranquil, and the views stretch out to Capri, along to Sorrento and around to Naples. It’s just a stunning, serene, wonderful place.”

Matthew McConaughey, Thailand

“We actually shot in Thailand for the movie Gold during Monsoon season. We had these incredible rains and floods that washed away most of our sets, so that was kind of wild.

“I love the jungle there. It’s when your senses are so tight, so heightened. Every move, every little sound, you think it’s a gator or a jaguar. It’s an incredibly immersive experience, and the adrenaline is really going.”

Chrissy Teigen, Lake Como

“Lake Como is a place that makes you feel special from the moment you arrive. There is the serenity of the lake, never too much going on, and beautiful little villages scattered around offering incredible places to eat and stunning mountain scenery.

“What’s more, the Italian cuisine is just the best I have ever had. The cooking there relies on a few good basics – pasta, meat, fish – but what they do with that and how it is evolved into incredible dishes is just amazing.”

Emma Stone, New York

I love New York. It’s the diversity and honesty of the city that really engages – you don’t get too swayed by the bright lights because there is a much saner, more natural edge around every corner.

Tribeca is cool and understated, but really I love the fashion district. You see every variety, every influence, every type of person… and everyone is defined by amazing clothes.”