Can Psychics Save Your Love Life?

Covid-19 and its attendant quarantine measures have seen a spike in women reaching out to psychics with their relationship problems. In an article in The Guardian titled, “Lockdown is straining so many relationships. ​A lot of people need help.” the writer, Sonia Sodha, notes the rise in domestic abuse and the attendant strain in relationships caused by the lockdown and social distancing rules.

As a psychic of over ten years, I have counselled a lot of lovely women (and a handful of men) on their love lives, as well as their lack of love lives. But I must say the Lockdown brought an avalanche of calls from people seeking information and a way forward in their myriad of relationship troubles.

While some sceptics may dismiss Psychics as quacks (and indeed, there are loads of fakes out there as in many professions), genuine Psychics provide a service similar to therapists, but different, combining their intuitive and empathetic insights, together with their desired psychic tools, to provide solace and clarity to their querents.

Most psychics use the popular Tarot cards as their tool. A few like myself, find that our powers are enhanced by the ancient Nordic Runes. The first time most people would have heard about Runes would be from the film, The Lord of The Rings, but Runes have existed for countless centuries and in the right hands, can deliver scarily accurate readings.

So, why don’t you give a Rune-Psychic a try today? You have nothing to lose and perhaps, everything to gain!

By Nadine Black ©2020

(AKA Comfort, “The Runes Mistress of Love”)