Staples to Keep Your Lockdown Looks Comfy and Casual by Grace Parsons

In these uncertain and unclear times, fashion and what we are wearing is certainly not at the top of many people’s priority lists. I had many new ideas and trends that I wanted to share, ready for the transfer from Spring to Summer, but as of right now it is hard to think about where we are going to be in a couple of months’ time. Instead of dwelling on the holiday outfits that we are missing out on I have put together a few staple pieces we could all use in our wardrobes, to brighten our moods and make staying at home that little bit easier.

With loungewear sales having skyrocketed these past couple of months, they are an obvious must have for those days when you want to remain comfy and cosy but feel like you have really made an effort and thought about your outfit. A personal favourite of mine is a matching two-piece tracksuit, which really has the ability to make you feel put together, and there are endless styles and colours to choose from. Pastel shades are the ideal go-to, especially with the warmer weather approaching, they just add a softer element to your wardrobe.

For the days where you feel like making a little more effort, maybe for those essential Zoom meetings or the weekly trip to the supermarket, cardigans are all in for the Spring/Summer transfer. They are perfect for the cooler British weather and offer a lightweight layer to add to any outfit. Neutral shades such as beiges and browns are perfect thanks to their versatility and can be worn with pretty much anything. Cardigans can easily be paired with jeans or denim shorts and can be worn open with just a plain white t-shirt underneath or buttoned up for a sleek and minimal finish. For those of you looking to be a bit more experimental with colour, similar to the matching two-pieces, pastel shades are all in, and naturally brighten up any look.

For a simple statement this Summer, look no further than a straightforward graphic t-shirt. Prior to the stay home order, ruffled and over-the-top blouses were the “in” thing but admittedly they are not the most comfortable trend for you to be following right now. So, taking a step back from the bolder statements, a low-key t-shirt is all you need for the base of any outfit. For example, a plain white or block coloured shirt looks great paired with the Bermuda shorts (featured in the last edition), or with a simple pair of joggers for a cool 90s vibe.

Whilst I’m unsure of what position we’ll be in when you’re reading this, I just want to take this opportunity to tell all of the Your Call readers to remain safe this Summer and to thank all of the key workers for all their hard work in keeping everybody safe during this incredibly unusual time.

Grace Parsons is a fashion journalist student from Coventry. She can be reached on twitter and instagram @graceparsons_