Stay Stylish and Cool this Summer by Grace Parsons

It’s official, summer has finally arrived! I am writing my first ever fashion column to give you some tips on how to stay stylish and cool this summer. This column is designed to inspire people of all ages to explore and embrace new styles. I would like to begin by introducing myself, I am Grace Parsons, a nineteen-year-old gap year student living in Coventry, and in September I’ll be making the big move to London to begin my degree in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. I have always adored fashion and the confidence it gives me. Whilst I always want my style to be my own and never entirely trend led, I try to incorporate some trends into my wardrobe!

Clashing Colours

Bright block colours, like pinks and oranges, are going to help you make stylish statements all summer, with the stand-out shades instantly lifting your mood. Clashing colours can be considered a major fashion faux pas, however the mixing of vibrant shades is quickly becoming trendy and chic. So, whilst putting a pair of deep fuchsia culottes together with a tangerine blouse may seem daunting or slightly ‘out-there’ at first, it makes for a modern, contemporary fit. Veering away from clashing colours but sticking with the theme of vibrant hues – a trouser and blazer combo are essential for perfecting that chic, sophisticated look. Tailored suits have been featured in every colour of the rainbow this year, my personal favourites are the pinks and mustard yellows, but we’ve been completely spoilt for choice. When choosing your accessories, you could match or completely clash them (either is acceptable)! Sailor trousers are also an amazing substitute for the tailored trousers, pair them with a blazer and striped top for a perfect fit.


If bright, loud colour palettes aren’t your cup of tea, then you may find something more suited to your style with neutral tones. Nudes, tans and khakis are a great place to start because these colours, or lack thereof, are giving serious chilled and beachy vibes. Tans and khakis are making several appearances this spring/summer, particularly in the form of utility. Picture boiler suits with a cinched waist, large turn ups and smart collars. It’s an amazing, versatile piece for everyone to have because you can dress it down with a pair of trainers or dress it up with a pair of heels and a clutch.  Another neutral that looks stylish in summer, are all-white outfits. Couple a completely white look with a glowing summer tan (whether it’s real or fake) to create a refreshingly chilled feel. A white off the shoulder dress coupled with white laced up sandals is perfect for those warmer summer nights or a white button up blouse with white, paper-bag shorts makes for a gorgeous day look. Neutrals are so adaptable and are so easy to introduce into your everyday wear!

Animal Print

Animal prints are a brilliant way to turn the most basic outfit into a jazzy and interesting look, I love animal print. For many people incorporating animal print into their wardrobe would be a leap out of their comfort zone but sometimes it’s fun to experiment with fashion! Whether you dive in head first with head-to-toe leopard dungarees or just dabble with animal printed accessories, having that pop of something different will take your outfit to the next level.

I’ve had an absolute blast writing my first style column and hopefully there will be many more to come. Also, I would love to see your takes and spins on these trends so please share your looks with me on my social media!

Grace Parsons is a fashion journalist student from Coventry. She can be reached on twitter and instagram @graceparsons_