Cosy Winter Style by Grace Parsons

We’ve finally hit that time of year where it’s time to dig out your favourite Christmas jumper and a classic fur coat, that is no doubt going to be a part of your daily wear until April next year. Winter can sometimes get people into a style rut, with the colder weather persuading people to swap style for warmth – here are just a few ideas that will help you make the most of your winter wardrobe whilst making sure you stay cosy at this time of year.


A suit is that timeless piece that everybody is carrying through from the summer into the winter months. They can be styled in so many ways and layering is ideal for both underneath and over the top of the suit. A two-piece suit takes away the stress of planning an outfit because it’s an effortless way to look so put together. If a tailored trouser is too formal then a skirt suit may be more to your taste, or simply wear the pieces separately. Suit jackets are perfect for both formal and casual wear, and a chic trend for this winter is slouchy blazers, which give any outfit a contemporary freshness.


Organza sleeve blouses are such a staple for your winter wardrobe and are so versatile, perfect for a day in the office, a coffee with friends or a night on the town. They are a layering essential and can be worn under dresses, blazers and jackets. The blouse is what the eye will be drawn to so keep the rest of the outfit minimal with a neutral pair of jeans or trousers and a trench coat for an extra layer of warmth. Let the voluminous sleeves do most of the talking.


Faux fur and fleece-lined jackets are a big trend for this year’s Winter months. Not only do they provide you with a thick, blanket layer, a plush fur coat is perfect for adding a bit of glamour to your look. This year, faux fur coats are taking form in bright colours and pastel shades, adding so much vibrance to your wardrobe. If colourful coats aren’t your style, neutral browns and blacks are more wearable and can be paired with just about any colour imaginable. Gloves are also following a similar trend, mustards and burgundy tones are all in, they make an ideal accessory with an added pop of colour.


As previously mentioned, turtlenecks are a vital part of any winter wardrobe and are so interchangeable. Patterned roll necks, for example animal print or plaid, are all in this season and are a great way to brighten up any outfit. Having them peeking out from underneath a blazer adds so much more depth to any look. T-shirts and tops that are part of your summer wardrobe can easily be made more wearable, simply pop a roll neck underneath to make them more suited to winter wear.

Hopefully these tips and layering tricks have given you a few ideas on how to filter some of your summer clothes into your winter wardrobe, without having to forfeit style for practicality, it’s so easy to have both!

Grace Parsons is a fashion journalist student from Coventry. She can be reached on twitter and instagram @graceparsons_