Your Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe by Grace Parsons

Summer holiday season is finally upon us and the motto to stick by for this year’s summer is to keep it capsule. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of those essential items that never go out of style. Owning these select pieces will bring so much versatility to your wardrobe so whether you’re on staycation and contending with the unpredictable British weather or if you’re jetting off to the tropics, I’ve got it covered for you!

The Sundress

Single item outfits are the best solution for easy packing and travel, so sundresses are a vital part of your summer wardrobe. There is nothing better than throwing on something that’s easy and breathable, especially when the temperature begins to rise. Summer dresses with neutral palettes are appropriate for just about every summer occasion and allow for countless accessorising options. Simply swap your footwear or pair with a bright bag and your dress will feel brand new every time.

One-Piece Swimsuit

When you’re stretched for suitcase space, an easy one-piece is the way to go. Like with the sundress, keeping the swimsuit to neutral or monochromatic colours like black or white will allow you to style your swimwear in so many ways. Styling beachwear can be difficult, especially if you prefer more coverage, but a vibrant wrap and an oversized sunhat will make for such a classic look. You can even take your one-piece swimsuit through to your evening wear and have it double as a top. Pair it with a pair of khaki shorts or even a bright flowing skirt, the styling of your one-piece is endless.

Midi Skirts

Midi length skirts are a seamless contribution to your wardrobe this summer and can be styled in so many ways. Silk skirts are perfect for the warmer weather and keep your entire outfits light and breezy. Colourful or printed midi skirts will brighten up your wardrobe and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. A simple, light tee and a basic pair of pumps contrasts well with a loud skirt and creates perfect casual wear. Switch up the simple tee in the evening to a lace camisole with a pair of heeled sandals for a chic and stylish night look. For the cooler evenings, throwing on a denim jacket over the shoulders will complete your outfit.

Statement Sunglasses

Trends come and go but sunglasses will always stay with us through both winter and summer sun. They work as a perfect statement accessory and although they might only be a small addition to your outfit, they can completely change your face, your style and your confidence. There is nothing that connotes glamour quite like a big pair of sunglasses … think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. They bring a whole other element to your outfit and can be used in so many ways. They are a blessing on those no makeup days, so you can still feel put together and are great as a hair accessory for when the summer heat takes control of your hair.

Wherever you decide to holiday this summer, save yourself the hassle of overweight and overflowing suitcases and stick to the staples. Versatility is key and a wardrobe built on those essential items will make day to day dressing so much easier. Style each item differently throughout the season to keep each outfit fresh and hopefully these few signature pieces will be the perfect start to building yourself a capsule wardrobe.

Grace Parsons is a fashion journalist student from Coventry. She can be reached on twitter and instagram @graceparsons_