All About Bunnies by Caroline Knight

Why is a rabbit known as a bunny? Nobody is sure, but it is believed the word came from the Scottish term ‘bun’, meaning a hare’s tail. Rabbits can make excellent pets for children and adults alike. Indeed, it could be said that this is the perfect pet for many different reasons.

Most types of rabbit, for instance, can live indoors where they will readily use a litter tray, much like a cat. They can happily live outdoors too, provided they have a spacious, clean hutch together with an outdoor run. Their home should occupy a sheltered position for protection from rain, cold weather and heat.

Rabbits enjoy company and are generally happier living in pairs or family groups. They should be neutered in order to avoid fighting. Similar to rodents, the incisor teeth of a rabbit continue to grow throughout their life, therefore it is essential that a pet rabbit has plenty of rough grass, hay or other foodstuffs to chew on.

There are many different breeds of rabbit, so which is best?

One of the favourites is the Miniature Lop-Eared. As you would expect, they are small, with floppy ears and are very, very cute! They are also playful, friendly and can even learn tricks. There are more lop-eared breeds that are excellent too, including the Holland Lop and Dutch Lop. The Lionhead has longer fur and therefore needs grooming. However, it can look stunning and is both playful and affectionate. Rex and Mini Rex rabbits have fur like velvet as it is so dense. They are calm, quiet and rather beautiful. The Flemish Giant is huge and can measure well over a metre long, so these bunnies need lots of space!