Christmas Foods Your Dog Should Avoid Eating

As tempting as it is to share your favourite festive treats with your dog, there are certain foods they shouldn’t eat – and some are potentially deadly. So which ones should you avoid giving to your dog this Christmas?


Turkey is a rich meat that can disturb a dog’s digestive system, potentially to the point of serious illness. Some dogs may be fine with a tiny amount of white boneless turkey meat, but the skin is very fatty and the bones are a choking hazard.


Chocolate is one Christmas treat that needs to be avoided at all costs, unless you buy doggy chocs for your pet. Chocolate contains a compound that’s poisonous to dogs – in fact, chocolate poisoning is so serious that if they eat too much they’ll need to have their stomach pumped.

Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake

Raisins are severely toxic to dogs, with grape and raisin poisoning being a common problem often requiring veterinary intervention to prevent further serious health issues – one of these being kidney failure.


Nuts can cause severe gastro-intestinal problems for your dog, with obstruction of the bowel being a particular issue. Some varieties of nut, including pecans and walnuts, can bring on seizures and should be avoided at all costs.

Clearly there’s a case for watching your dog very carefully over Christmas. It’s all too easy to leave chocolate or nuts lying around, and they’re only too quick to take advantage of the fact.