Pet Insurance

You could be really lucky and never have any cause to need more than routine veterinary visits for your pet. But should something happen, at best you’ll have a hefty bill and at worst be in a position where the condition or injury is so serious that you can’t afford to pay and risk losing your pet.

Pet insurance can cover the cost of treatments and ongoing care for injury or any diagnosed conditions. Depending on your policy, these are some of the options.

  • Missing pets: cover for when your pet goes astray – either by their own volition or because they’ve been stolen – will help contribute to a reward for information or return.
  • Third-party liability: if your energetic pooch trips someone up or damages their property, this element will cover legal costs and the claimant’s expenses.
  • Kennel and cattery fees: if you fall ill yourself to the extent that you are hospitalised and don’t have anyone to take care of your pet, you could qualify for care by a cattery or kennel.
  • Dental covers: usually only accidents will be covered but some providers may include dental illness.
  • Death by accident or illness: if your pet dies you could get back your original purchase cost. Most policies do have an age limit.
  • Euthanasia, cremation and burial: if the worst comes to the worst, having these costs refunded could be a relief at a sad time.