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Pets Corner - April/May 24

Our Best Loved Pets

Explore the warmth of animal companionship as we unveil the most affectionate pets in the UK.

Recent research has delved into the world of pet ownership, particularly focusing on the emotional connection between humans and their animal companions. In the UK, a nation renowned for its love of pets, certain animals have emerged as particularly affectionate choices for those seeking a furry friend.

Unsurprisingly, dogs top the list as the most affectionate pets. Known for their loyalty and capacity for emotional connection, canines have been companions to humans for thousands of years. As of the latest statistics, there are approximately nine million dogs in the UK.

The cost of caring for a dog varies greatly depending on the breed, size and health. On average, dog owners may spend around £50 to £80 per month on food, grooming, vet visits and insurance.

Cats are often unfairly labelled as distant, indifferent and standoffish. In truth, they are quite loving creatures. While cats and dogs express their affection in different ways, cats often display genuine loyalty and care towards their owners.

Numerous instances have been recorded where cats have courageously risked their own safety to help an owner they sensed was in danger. The UK is home to about 7.5 million cats. Monthly expenses for a cat can be relatively lower than for dogs, averaging between £40 and £60, covering food, litter and routine veterinary care.

Remarkably, rabbits can exhibit devotion and fondness comparable to dogs. They also possess diverse personalities, ranging from timid and reserved to lively and playful, making them suitable for various types of owners.

In the UK, the rabbit population stands at around one million. The monthly cost of keeping a rabbit – including food, housing and health care – can average between £30 and £50.

Birds, particularly parrots and canaries, are known for their social interaction and ability to form strong bonds with their owners. There are approximately 1.5 million pet birds in the UK. Monthly costs, including food, cage maintenance and vet care, can range from £20 to £40.

Guinea pigs are small, companionable and friendly, making them ideal pets for those with limited space. The UK has an estimated population of 500,000 guinea pigs. Their monthly upkeep cost – including food, bedding and health care – is relatively low, around £20 to £30.

Owning a hamster offers unique joys as these diminutive, cuddly creatures are low maintenance, provide comforting companionship, and can help reduce stress through their playful and demonstrative nature. There are around 400,000 hamsters in the UK and their monthly care costs, including food, bedding and occasional vet visits, are around £10 to £20.