The Best Used Electric Vehicles For Those Wanting To Make The Switch On A Budget

Opting for plug-in power doesn’t have to break the bank

Electrification is taking the car world by storm and battery-powered vehicles are really starting to surge in popularity. A knock-on effect of this is that more EVs are entering the used car segment, so let’s look at some of the options.

Nissan Leaf – £5,000

This well-sized electric car has been on sale for quite some time now and a £5,000 budget will get you a very early model. Though it won’t offer the longest range, it provides a great EV entry point.

Renault Twizy – £10,000

With its scissor doors and bug-like design, the Twizy stands out from the crowd. It might not be the most practical option nor the strongest in terms of range – it’ll do around 62 miles fully charged – but for city dwellers it’ll be a very appealing prospect.

BMW i3 – £12,000

BMW’s classy i3 has aged remarkably well, with used models showcasing the clever design and innovative interior that won it fans originally.

£12,000 will get you a decent example with reasonable mileage. With a range of around 160 miles, it’s suitable for most journeys.

Volkswagen e-Golf – £15,000

Prior to the introduction of Volkswagen’s ID range, one of its most prominent offerings was the e-Golf. Practical and well made, it delivers everything people want and a £15,000 budget will net a later model, giving a range of around 186 miles.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric – £18,000

Hyundai’s Ioniq Electric – also available as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid – has seen decent success, owing to its smart design and a range of around 174 miles. It’s smart inside and offers great value for money, thanks to a healthy amount of standard equipment.

Vauxhall Corsa-e – £20,000

Since becoming part of the PSA Group, Vauxhall has been through a transformative period, with cars like the Corsa and Mokka showcasing the firm’s new direction.

The electric Corsa-e is easily one of the best second-hand EVs on sale. It has a range of up to 209 miles – one of the best around – and is packed with features, too.

Peugeot e-2008 – £30,000

Peugeot is also undergoing change as part of the PSA Group. The e-2008 uses the same powertrain as the Corsa-e but in a more practical, family-friendly SUV body style.

You’ll get 206 miles from a charge, while the e-2008’s quirky looks help it to stand out.

Tesla Model 3 – £40,000

The Model 3 is Tesla’s BMW 3 Series-rivaling car. At £40,000, you’ll be able to net a standard-range model with low miles, capable of delivering up to 254 miles of range. You’ll be able to use Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network too.

Jaguar I-Pace – £50,000

Right at the top of today’s budgets sits the Jaguar I-Pace. It’s a large and roomy SUV with a high-tech interior, giving a range of 292 miles between charges. As a do-all SUV, it’s hard to beat.

As Jaguar’s first foray into the EV segment, the I-Pace is impressive to say the least.