These Are The Best Seven-Seaters On Sale Today by James Baggott, Author, Car Dealer Magazine

Need plenty of space, both for luggage and occupants too? You’ll want a seven-seater then. Fortunately there are plenty of options, offering a choice of body styles from a variety of brands. But which are best?

Land Rover Discovery

This list was always destined to feature Land Rover’s go-anywhere Discovery. As well as seven comfortable seats, its off-road technology makes it just as capable at scaling steep inclines as it is making the weekly shopping run.

It’s expensive, but the Discovery comes loaded with equipment and is available with a range of engine choices.

Volvo XC90

The first-generation XC90 stormed the market thanks to its rock-solid build quality and efficiency. The latest edition continues the legacy, albeit with a lot more technology and equipment.

It’s also one of the safest cars on the market thanks to a raft of assistance systems. For families, there are few better options than the XC90.

Seat Alhambra

For the best possible passenger space, look no further than the Seat Alhambra. It may be a little outdated inside, but makes up for it with a huge amount of interior room. It’s also surprisingly good to drive, and frugal, too.

As the Alhambra is not a new model, you’re likely to find good deals at the forecourt.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda hit the nail on the seven-seater head when it released the Kodiaq. Rock-solid build quality and incredible value for money meant that this Czech SUV enjoyed immediate popularity and has continued to do so.

It’s available with a range of efficient engines too, including a new performance-orientated model, the Kodiaq vRS.

Audi Q7

The big Q7 flies the flag for premium manufacturers here, offering that top-notch driving experience you’d expect from an Audi. A high-quality interior and silky-smooth petrol and diesel engines seal the deal.

There’s the all-conquering SQ7 available too – which puts many ‘normal’ performance cars to shame.

Tesla Model X

Representing the electric contingent is Tesla’s Model X. Spaceship-like in design, it’s a real looker out on the road. A realistic 300-mile all-electric range means it’s usable for long-distance drivers, too.

Though it may be expensive to buy outright, the Model X justifies its high price tag with minimal running costs and plenty of performance.

Mercedes GLS

The Mercedes GLS takes the fight to the Audi Q7, and having recently been updated, packs more technology and features than ever before. A longer wheelbase than the car it replaces means there’s more space than before, and improved legroom for all occupants.

The interior of the car has been vastly overhauled, with a full widescreen infotainment system helping to give the cabin a particularly high-tech feel.

Ford S-Max

Though Ford’s S-Max has been around a little while now, it’s still one of the best-driving seven-seaters around and offers genuine practicality as well. A range of frugal engines help to keep trips to the pump to a minimum, and build quality is solid.

A range-topping Vignale is now available, though even lower trims get a vast amount of standard equipment.