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Motoring Article - August/September 21

The Best Summer Convertibles For All Budgets

With road trips on the cards this summer, what drop-tops should be on your shopping list?

Though restrictions may remain in place, there’s hope that the pandemic might begin to ease in the coming months, with greater freedom to enjoy summer weather.

And though question marks may remain over foreign travel, British roads trips will hopefully be allowed. One of the best ways to enjoy such trips is with a convertible, allowing you that open-air freedom to explore.

Here are eight fantastic options for all budgets:

Up to £5,000 – Volvo C70

Though better known for its estate cars and SUVs, Volvo has sold convertibles in the past, the result being the C70.

So while this modest budget may allow access to a range of convertibles, the Volvo wins thanks to its mix of comfort, style and practicality.

Up to £15,000 – BMW M3

There is no shortage of options in the used market for a convertible for less than £15,000.

The BMW M3 Convertible is our pick for performance, comfort, sporty thrills and dramatic styling. This budget will get you a tidy E45 generation from the early 2000s.

Up to £25,000 – Mazda MX-5

£25,000 could get you a brand new drop-top. Though options are still limited, our choice would be the truly brilliant Mazda MX-5, which in entry-level form and with the peppy 1.5-litre petrol engine just fits this budget.

Though Mazda does offer more powerful MX-5s, many reckon the less powerful option is the sweet spot in this roadster’s range.

Up to £40,000 – Audi TT Roadster

£40,000 provides access to more upmarket new convertibles, including the excellent Audi TT Roadster that perfectly combines quality with fun.

Coming in at £38,530, you can even afford to upgrade to the mid-spec Sport Edition version, with larger 19-inch alloy wheels and a black styling pack.

Up to £50,000 – Porsche 718 Boxster

Porsche’s 718 Boxster is a convertible that’s as sharp to drive as a model with a fixed roof. Though the ‘entry-level’ Porsche, this roadster is a truly brilliant sports car in its own right, offering a fabulous drive, strong performance and sleek and stylish looks.

Up to £100,000 – Porsche 911 Cabriolet

A budget this large can get you behind the wheel of a drop-top version of Porsche’s most iconic model – the 911.

Though it’s all too easy to push the 911’s price into six digits, £100,000 can get you a Carrera or four-wheel-drive Carrera 4 version, which you can happily use every day rather than just saving it for the occasional weekend in summer.

Over £100,000 – Bentley Continental GT

There really isn’t any finer luxurious convertible than the Bentley Continental GT – a car for those with seemingly unlimited funds to splash out.

Though it’s not as sporty as other drop-top supercars that this budget can get you, the Bentley’s focus on ultimate quality and comfort truly puts it into a league of its own. The price is a rather sizable £173,000, and that’s before you’ve even thought about options.