Quick and Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Summer Holiday

Summer holidays provide much-needed rest and relaxation in the middle of our often-busy year and may even be considered essential to our health and wellbeing. They do not need to cost the earth, but how can you save money without detracting from the enjoyment of this precious time away?

Here are a few tips to free up some extra spending money for this year’s holiday, or cash to put towards your getaway next year.

Negotiate on price

It is possible to negotiate down your holiday price, particularly if it’s last minute. Tour and hotel operators are likely to be open to negotiation if it means they can fill the last few places on a tour, or the remaining empty airline seats.

Choose your travel times carefully

The times you travel can directly influence price so if you are able to fly during the night, for example, you may be able to save some money. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are said to be less popular for travelling when compared with Fridays and over the weekend, so if you can go midweek it might be worth it.

Do you need to fly direct?

If you don’t need to fly directly to your ultimate destination, taking an indirect flight can save you money, particularly in the case of long-haul journeys. It does cost you more in time, however, so this may not appeal to everyone.

Avoid the added flight extras

Flight extras such as extra legroom, on-board meal, and additional luggage allowances add a considerable sum to your ‘cheap’ flight if you’re not careful. Some airlines include these elements in the advertised price but beware if you are using a budget operator, as they may be added extras.

Combine airport hotel and parking

If you are travelling early in the morning or from an airport a long way from home, you may need to stay in an airport hotel the night before. If so, you can save money by combining the accommodation costs with car parking for the duration of your holiday.

Travel while you sleep

Travelling while you sleep is a great way to make savings on the cost of your holiday. Whether you are starting your journey by train, coach or cross-channel ferry, overnight travel using these methods can be considerably cheaper than booking a hotel for the night.

Independent excursions

The cost of excursions can be eye-watering, especially for a family, so try organising your own days out to save money. You may be able to buy admission tickets to attractions and events before you go on holiday, and by booking transport locally you will have a truly authentic experience.

Going to different places and enjoying new experiences are life-affirming and can be more affordable than you think. Save money on your summer holiday by driving down prices across the board, whether that is for an all-inclusive package deal or an independently created journey of a lifetime.