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Interiors Column - October/November 23

Make An Entrance

How to add a little ‘wow’ factor to your hallway without breaking the bank. 

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the main bedroom is the mind as one’s private retreat, then the entrance hallway is surely the ego. 

Like a perfectly curated Instagram feed, this is where we reveal most to those on the outside of our family or friendship circles.

Whether fleetingly delivering a package, picking up a child from a playdate or visiting to spend a leisurely evening, the entrance hallway is the first and last impression we will make of our homes, so why not invest a little love into it in the following smart ways.

Smarten up your storage

If you don’t have a dedicated porch, your entrance hall can become a dumping ground for outdoor paraphernalia.

From overflowing coat hooks to overburdened shoe racks and even the odd buggy or bicycle, it’s difficult to manage the necessary bits and bobs a family need in order to leave the house. However, there are ways you can simplify and modify storage so it serves you better. 

One obvious solution is to rotate coats and shoes depending on the season so as to minimise what needs to be in the main hallway. You can also turn existing storage into something more practical, so as far as under-stair space goes, consider transforming it into a closet with rails and built-in drawers, or shelves for shoes. 

Shoe cabinets that hide the cluttered footwear within are also fantastic, particularly if they double as a bench. 

Be bold

As for what you put on decorative display, embolden your entrance hall with show-stopping pieces that immediately grab the attention.

Consider a large, grand mirror; not only will it amplify light and add dimension, it also offers one last chance for guests (and yourself) to primp before entering or leaving the house.

Unique console tables adorned with vibrant vases or sculptural art can also be stunning conversation starters; and if you have high ceilings, a dramatic pendant light or chandelier will make a lofty impact.

And don't forget about the floor – a bold, geometric patterned rug can tie the whole space together while adding a soft and welcoming touch.

Embrace existing features

Your entrance hall might, in its very fabric, find itself graced with inherent architectural features, and it’s a good idea to make the most of these.

Staircases can be highlighted with a fresh coat of paint, or by updating the balustrade with a modern design. Then, if you've got vintage tiled floors, let them shine; they're the embodiment of character.

Stained glass windows, cornicing, or even original wooden floors can be accentuated rather than hidden – they all tell a story of the home’s past, and enhancing these unique features can provide a distinctive and authentic charm to your entrance hall.

Show a little love

Finally, ensure you imbue your hall space with personal touches that not only welcome guests but also celebrate the things in life you cherish.

Display framed photos of loved ones or important life moments, or hang a gallery wall that combines family pictures with artwork you've collected over the years.

It's these personal touches that make a house a home, and while many leave such elements for the main living spaces in the house, there is no reason why you can’t express pride and passions from the very first moment you step into your cherished abode.