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Interiors Column - December 23/January 24

A Very Homemade Christmas

What better way to celebrate Christmas than by getting together with your friends and family to make handmade decorations? Not only is this an activity that will create lasting memories, but it will also give your home a unique look that cannot be bought in the shops.

DIY wreaths

An iconic symbol of Christmas which sets a festive tone even before guests step inside. Begin with fir tree branches, then add pinecones and ribbons for a touch of elegance. Integrate small ornaments or baubles that resonate with your personal style or theme. Use a wire frame as your foundation to provide both structure and ensure durability, then decide on its pride of place.

Handcrafted ornaments

Utilise versatile materials like malleable clay, rustic pieces of light bulb or repurposed light bulbs. Embellish with vivid paints, sparkling glitter or intricate decoupage patterns. Beyond just decoration, this crafting journey is a delightful bonding experience, especially engaging for young children, making the end result truly special.

Christmas scent

Simmer a pot filled with water, rich cinnamon sticks, zesty orange slices, aromatic cloves and fresh pine needles, to envelop your home in a mesmerising olfactory experience. This natural concoction beautifully brings warmth and nostalgia to every corner.

Homemade advent calendar

Use small bags, quaint boxes or vintage envelopes as your daily vessels. Inside, tuck away delightful treats, heart-warming notes or tiny sentimental trinkets. Each day becomes a revelation, combining tradition with personalised surprises.

Handmade stockings

Craft personalised stockings for each family member. Whether hand-sewn using soft felt, hand-knitted using cosy yarn or simply reusing an old sock, the real magic comes when you add your own adornment. Embroidered names, shimmering sequins or other delightful embellishments create not just a decoration, but a keepsake that can be used again, year after year.

Christmas cards display

Celebrate the affection and wishes you've garnered by crafting a dynamic display. Use coloured ribbons or twinkling fairy lights as your base, then clip on each card. As more cards arrive, watch your living mural evolve, serving as a heart-warming testament to the love that embraces you and your family.

Centrepieces and table decor

Merge the soft glow of candles with the vibrant hue of cranberries and the rustic charm of pine branches. Enhance the ambiance further by folding napkins into festive motifs, and weaving ribbons and pinecones into your table settings, creating an enchanting table that's both aesthetic and memorable.

DIY snow globes

Mason jars can be the canvas for your festive creativity. Simply fill them with water, a teaspoon of glycerine, glitter and miniature Christmas figurines before securing the lid tightly. When shaken, this handcrafted treasure unveils a swirling snowstorm and captivating Christmas scene.