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Horoscopes by Christine Chalklin - October/November 20

Your Horoscopes for October and November 2020 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

October: October starts off with a powerful full moon in fiery Aries, with Mars still in the retrograde phase this could cause some heated arguments and sparks may fly. Fortunately the balanced sign of Libra is in the spotlight, helping us to weigh up any situation we may find ourselves in. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and during October as she travels through this discerning sign, you might need to spend time evaluating your partnerships and relationships, taking the opportunity to make some adjustments where necessary. The new moon in Libra on the 16th offers an excellent opportunity for starting up any creative new projects that you have in mind. Your ideals and beliefs come into focus at the second October full moon in Taurus on the 31st – Halloween! This is a passionate and creative full moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences. Intimate relationship matters, personal comfort levels and values will all figure prominently as the month progresses.

November: November pushes the emotional and passionate sign of Scorpio to the forefront, exaggerated by the powerful Scorpio new moon on the 15th. Mercury goes direct on the 4th, suggesting that projects that have been held up should start to run smoothly from now. This month’s major celestial event is the third Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on the 12th. This event should inspire faith and give us a glimmer of hope for what’s to come. Faith and trust are essential to our wellbeing, when we lose faith we can fall into fear or despair. Trust in your ability to weather any rough times, be authentic and focus on making conscious life decisions. Warrior planet Mars goes direct in Aries on the 14th, there could be a lot of anger and frustration around, try to stay focussed and be compassionate and kind to yourself and others.


October: October begins with a powerful energy surge as the full moon arrives in your sign. Vitality will be at its peak but try to remember to take time out for rest and relaxation. Relationships are also in the limelight especially around the Libra new moon in your opposite sign on the 16th.
November: November presents a new mission or calling in your professional life; this is the month to be bold and courageous, particularly after the 14th as Mars, your ruling planet, moves direct. Opportunities come your way, you are required to be authentic and overcome any familial pressures to be something you're not.


October: October turns the focus to your health and wellbeing; a nutrition and fitness review may well be needed now as the Libra Sun demands a better balance in your daily life. The full moon in your sign on the 31st offers some favourable new insights into many aspects of your life, particularly on how you come across to others.
November: Further education and mental expansion is your focus for November. Learning can be an adventure as your mind is open to new ideas, and you're ready for a new worldview. Although you usually resist change, right now you're more open to endless possibilities that can lead to greater success.


October: Important breakthroughs come to the surface during October as your creativity reaches a highpoint and you are able to push ahead in business and work matters. Mercury in intuitive Scorpio offers some deep and lasting insight. Be open to new possibilities as love and romance are high on the agenda around the time of the Libra new moon on the 16th.
November: November moves your finances and resources into the spotlight. You’re keen on building your wealth, but this process requires you to have faith in your ability to make wise investment decisions. You could become aware of some positive financial offerings as the Scorpio new moon on the 15th increases your intuition.


October: This month sees dynamic Mars highlighting the career sector of your chart, although Mars is retrograde there may well be some challenges ahead. The Libra new moon on the 16th offers innovative and creative energy for solving any domestic problems. Venus arrives in Virgo on the 6th giving your communication skills a positive boost.
November: November indicates some necessary changes around your relationships as well as a deepening of self-love and acceptance. It’s time to look carefully at how you're creating the life you're living. The Scorpio new moon on the 15th offers you the chance to assert yourself in relationships and how to ask for what you need.


October: Communication is thoughtful and balanced during October as the Sun passes though the sign of the scales. Your finances come to the forefront as Venus arrives in Virgo on the 3rd and the new moon on the 16th is favourable for all round insight and positive gain. What can you do to improve yourself?
November: November is an important month to set the foundations for your future success. It’s a good time to adopt new habits that support your dreams and goals. Discipline yourself to stay committed to your wellbeing and prosperity; your health is also a top priority this month.


October: Your communication is balanced and thoughtful during this month as the Sun passes though the sign of the scales. During October Mercury in Scorpio favours deep thinking and forward planning, this is essential for providing new solutions and innovations. Venus arrives in your sign on the 3rd, you are feeling your very best as you open up to the possibility of a new romance.
November: November offers the start of a new creative endeavour as you feel enticed to share your talents and express yourself. Venus arriving in Scorpio in your money sector on the 22nd suggests that financial matters are about to become a top priority. Stay focussed, anything that distracts could get you into trouble.


October: The 1st October offers up an Aries full moon to challenge and test you; issues around courage and self-confidence will surface now. Mercury is busy in your financial sector as new plans need to be drawn up concerning your earning potential. You should feel at your very best around the time of your personal new moon on the 16th.
November: Home and family are in the spotlight during November as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto powerfully energise this area of your chart. This is an exciting time, during which you could buy a new home or make a significant transition. You could quite possibly make a profit through a property investment as well.


October: The powerful Aries full moon on the 1st October offers a totally new way of working, this period is ripe for learning and exploration. Mercury is powerful in your sign, demanding that you dig deep for answers to important questions. Try to sort out any issues that concern you before the retrograde period begins on the 14th.
November: Your mind is curious during November, as you prepare to plunge the depths with teaching, learning or research projects. It's an excellent time to learn a new skill or start a new hobby. Your Scorpio new moon on the 15th gives you the courage to go for new opportunities to become more of a leader.


October: October starts with Venus arriving in the part of your chart that governs all forms of education and higher learning, it’s the perfect time for expanding your mind - and possibly your heart!  An exciting work opportunity comes into the picture around the Taurus full moon on the 31st.  Be bold, embrace abundance, you have a lot to offer the world.
November: November highlights your finances, giving you the opportunity to overcome any financial worries, fears and doubts. A creative opportunity comes your way after Mars moves direct around the 14th.  You need to value yourself and your skills, as you could discover surprising new ways to source new income.


October: During October the Libran Sun illuminates your chart and helps you to find diplomatic solutions to challenging situations. The positive energy of the new moon on the 16th favours interactions with others. Prepared to be pleasantly surprised as love and romance beckon around the time of the full moon on the 31st.
November: November is a particularly important month for Capricorn, this major Jupiter/Pluto conjunction is happening in your sign, reminding you that you're going through a major life transition.  As you yearn to live a more expansive, authentic, and abundant life, the Taurus full moon on the 30th offers insight into becoming courageous and taking steps forward.


October: October is a powerful time for you to get your controversial points of view across to others; Mercury is well placed in deep thinking Scorpio and the harmonious new moon on the 16th ensures that you find a positive way to win through. The Taurus full moon on the 31st brings a domestic issue to the surface.
November: November indicates a more reflective time, as you feel the need to retreat, do some soul-searching and connect with your more mystical side. You'll find that you are accessing your intuition now more than ever, particularly around the time of the magical Scorpio new moon on the 15th.


October: This month brings a very different dynamic as Neptune in your sign positively aspects Venus, the planet of love and desire. The Libra new moon on the 16th offers new ideas regarding your finances. The full moon in Taurus on the 31st offers an excellent opportunity for you to communicate your innermost needs and wants.
November: November offers the perfect opportunity to make your life exactly what you want it to be, without any fear, restriction or inhibition. As Mercury resumes direct motion after the 4th you should feel as if you're coming into your full power. Any thoughts of rejection or betrayal should be fading into the distance as you envisage your ideal future.

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