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Horoscopes by Christine Chalklin - June/July 22

Your Horoscopes for June and July 2022 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

June: June appears to be a turbulent month as the peaceful Pisces influences are waning and mighty Jupiter and dynamic Mars connect in fiery Aries. Jupiter expands everything it touches and together with warrior Mars in Aries we can expect to see a massive amount of raw energy emerging which doesn’t bode well in these times of global conflict. On a personal level the sign of Aries is about asserting yourself and being direct about achieving your goals, ideal for starting anything that requires energy, initiative and courage. The Sun in the inquisitive sign of Gemini is stirring up your curiosity for finding out more about what’s really going on. Mercury returns to direct motion on the 3rd, lending a helping hand to any projects that have been held back during the three week retrograde.  Venus is in earthy Taurus, inviting you to enjoy the great outdoors and connect with nature for the best possible experience. The moon is full in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius on the 14th and the new moon culminates in the family sign of Cancer on the 29th. New moons represent new beginnings and most importantly optimism, just what we need where our comfort and security are concerned.

July: July starts with a powerful and challenging aspect between action-packed Mars in Aries and transformational Pluto in Capricorn; we can expect a difficult week globally, with extremes of behaviour, confrontations and more hidden secrets coming to light. On a personal level this transit offers tremendous drive and ambition, plus endless energy reserves. Stay focused on your goals and tune into your own energy levels and take care in confrontational situations. Venus, the goddess of love and relationships, is in playful Gemini until the 18th, she offers some excellent opportunities for romantic encounters and connecting with likeminded people in your community. The full moon in practical Capricorn arrives on the 13th, this one brings your home and family into much sharper focus. Capricorn/Cancer are opposing forces, you can expect issues around what you need (family) versus what you want to achieve (Capricorn) to come to light. The new moon in Leo on the 28th brings opportunities for creative endeavours, new beginnings and positive breakthroughs.


June: It’s all change for new beginnings in June as the powerful energy of expansive Jupiter links up with Mars, your ruler. The Sun is in inquisitive Gemini, suggesting that some exciting and innovative communication is about to appear on your horizon. Venus in Taurus illuminates your money sector, suggesting that this could turn out to be financially lucrative month.

July: July continues the powerful theme of dynamic Mars and expansive Jupiter in your sign, Mars remains in Aries until the 5th. Try not to be too impatient, use this month wisely to review your energy levels, particularly where friendships are concerned. With Venus in chatty Gemini until the 18th, your communication skills remain at their best.


June: This month gives you the opportunity to make some important changes in your financial dealings, with the Gemini Sun strong in your chart you could pick up some really good ideas about making and managing your money in a more profitable way. The Cancer new moon on the 29th offers a breakthrough in all areas of communication, particularly where your family in concerned.

July: During July your communication skills are positively highlighted as the radiant Sun and Mercury in Cancer suggest encouraging energy for intuitive and original new ways of thinking. The new moon in creative Leo on the 28th brings a new project into focus, your vitality is high, and some help may arrive from unexpected quarters.


June: June suggests that the coming together of courageous Mars and expansive Jupiter in a pivotal position in your chart offer an entirely new way of working with friends, colleagues and group led enterprises. You should be feeling energetic as these planets open up your intuition and bring you some amazing insights. The peaceful new moon in Cancer on the 29th looks encouraging.

July: July brings a different kind of energy to the forefront; Venus is in your sign and the way you communicate comes into focus. The Sun and Mercury ask that you look at the way you value yourself and examine creative new ways of increasing your earning potential. Now is the perfect time to reach out and be bold.


June: Your goals and ambitions are in the spotlight this month as expansive Jupiter and courageous Mars align in dynamic Aries. The full moon in optimistic Sagittarius is on the 14th, this powerful energy is also very encouraging for challenging you to embark on an exciting new journey as you are drawn to learn new things and go to places where you have never been before.

July: July is your birthday month, the Sun shines brightly and is joined by communicative Mercury on the 5th. Love planet Venus also arrives in your sign on the 18th, illuminating all things to do with love and partnerships. The new moon in creative Leo on the 28th marks a turning point and you’ll feel a strong drive to improve your life on many different levels.


June: The Strong Gemini energy plus the dynamic combination of Jupiter and Mars in Aries are pushing you to explore new and exciting horizons. Venus energy in practical Taurus should ensure a stable career month, leaving you lots of time for social activity. As a creative sign, you’ll find wonderful new ways of connecting with others and bringing them joy and encouragement.

July: July might turn out to be a rather introspective month on some levels. The sensitive Cancerian Sun and Mercury will have you reconsidering some plans that you have recently made and the chances are that you may also have to rethink a career move. The powerful new moon in your sign on the 28th offers up an opportunity to push your creative ideas forward.


June: June puts your resources and financial goals into the spotlight. Jupiter and Mars are stirring up this sector of your chart, and you’ll need to use your newfound confidence and positive thinking to get the very best out of any negotiations. Venus in Taurus offers practical insight, particularly around the 11th as she connects with innovative Uranus.

July: July suggests that your career goals are high on the agenda as Venus and Mercury in Gemini ensure that your negotiation and communication skills are at their finest. A relationship that has been on hold can be reviewed and there is opportunity to advance in a positive way. The Capricorn full moon on the 13th indicates that it’s time to put something firmly behind you


June: June puts the emphasis on your relationships with others, Mars and Jupiter are strong together, encouraging you to be more optimistic and courageous, particularly when fighting for high ideals and extensive goals. Venus in Taurus in your money area could suggest a positive financial breakthrough.  An exciting adventure is about to begin, take each opportunity as it comes.

July: The Gemini Sun and business minded Mercury occupy the highest point of your chart, emphasising your goals and the importance of planning ahead and making long lasting changes. Venus, your ruling planet, is friendly and playful in Gemini, ideal for making plans for a romantic getaway. The Capricorn full moon on the 13th brings a domestic matter to the forefront


June: June shines the spotlight on your health and wellbeing, Jupiter and Mars in fiery Aries are offering extra vitality for your daily activities. Love planet Venus remains in steady Taurus until the 23rd, an excellent position for all things to do with romance and positive relationships. The Cancer new moon on the 29th is important, be alert to a sudden swing in fortune.

July: Dynamic Mars arrives in your opposite sign of Taurus on the 5th, emphasising the importance of staying focussed on the task at hand. Pluto and Mars put a strong and challenging planetary emphasis on the way you communicate the plans around your career and your future. The favourable new moon in courageous Leo on the 28th enables you to go after what you want.


June: Love and romance are hot topics for you this month as dynamic Mars and expansive Jupiter light up this area of your chart. The powerful full moon in your sign on the 14th offers a breakthrough and suggests that some important questions are about to come to the surface. Intuitively you know that now is the time to discover inspirational new ways forward.

July: The full moon in down to earth Capricorn on the 13th puts your finances firmly in the picture, expansive Jupiter is strong in Aries suggesting there are some excellent opportunities for you to be successful and increase your earning potential. Mars enters practical Taurus on the 5th, further indicating that this is the perfect time for you to be much clearer about where you are heading


June: This month puts your home and family life into the spotlight as the powerful energy of Mars and Jupiter in Aries suggest the possibility of radical change. You’ll be feeling assertive and direct about the things that you want, but take care not to be too overbearing as, although you may need to be upfront and honest, this combination can come across as impatient and pushy.

July: The radiant Sun and communicative Mercury are both illuminating the relationship area of your chart, prompting you to go after what you truly desire. The love planet Venus is chatty and flirty in Gemini until the 18th and energetic Mars in practical Taurus is assisting with an important issue that comes to the forefront around the courageous Leo new moon on the 28tth.


June: Communication is at its height for you this month, indicating that you will have the courage to be assertive and direct in situations where you have held back up to now. Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, suggesting new and valuable insight on a project that you have been working on. The Cancer new moon on the 29th offers a positive new dimension to your life.

July: Energy packed Mars is strong in the communication area of your chart during the first week of this month, continuing to put you in a good position to demand something that you have been going after for some time. Love planet Venus in Gemini is flirtatious and playful and brings a welcome boost to your dealings with partners and loved ones. The Leo new moon on the 28th is perfect for romance.


June: June is an energetic month for you as self-motivated Mars together with expansive Jupiter power their way through fiery Aries. All things to do with how you value yourself will come to light as you gain more confidence in becoming truly authentic. The powerful Sagittarian full moon on the 14th offers a challenge, now is the perfect time to broaden horizons and connect with others.

July:  New encounters, love and romance are all in the spotlight for July as planetary trends suggest that a deeply rewarding time is coming your way. The Sun encourages you to enjoy the lighter side of life as some positive opportunities arrive from unexpected directions. The Leo new moon on the 28th assists your creative ambitions - new beginnings are ready for take-off.

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