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Horoscopes by Christine Chalklin - June/July 21

Your Horoscopes for June and July 2021 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

June: June is a lively month as the inquisitive sign of Gemini comes to the forefront; this change emphasises the possibility for good positive communication, the challenge of new ideas and some much-needed positive discussion. Spring is at its height and as Gemini is also the sign of socialising and fun we can all enjoy the abundance of nature out in the open. Mercury is still in the retrograde phase until the 23rd, have patience as some plans and projects might not really get underway until then. Relationship planet Venus arrives in soft and gentle Cancer on the 3rd, bringing connections and family time into the spotlight, particularly as restrictions are eased later in the month. Action packed Mars arrives in fiery Leo on the 12th, suggesting a new level of self-confidence and enthusiasm. The Gemini new moon is on the 10th and the full moon culminates in Capricorn on the 24th. 

July: July brings the sensitive water sign of Cancer to the forefront and the emotional new moon in Cancer on the 10th offers new beginnings and a positive time of nostalgia and family connectedness.  Energetic Mars and love planet Venus are in Leo practically all month, this dynamic energy is available to all, highlighting partnerships, creativity and benefitting optimism, confidence and self-esteem. Jupiter is now in the retrograde phase, emphasising a time of reflection on all that has gone on before. Jupiter in Pisces gives us all the perfect opportunity for inner growth and development; it’s a chance to realign and reconnect with our soul purpose and our ultimate life purpose. The full moon is in Aquarius on the 24th, illuminating the importance of being an individual and living in our truth.


June: June offers exciting potential for interaction and exchange of ideas but be sure to review your options carefully before making any big decisions. Mars, your ruler, arrives in confident Leo on the 12th, this sign change suggests the gift of heightened creativity, particularly for a new project that has been on your mind for a while.
July: July is the best month to focus on your home and your family. The Sun is in the home loving sign of Cancer and the new moon on the 10th assists with additional energy for new projects in your domestic environment. Mars and Venus light up your love life this month - enjoy!


June: June suggests that your money-making skills are in the spotlight as some choices will need to be made; try to delay any major decisions until Mercury goes direct on the 23rd. Venus arrives in the communication sector of your chart on the 3rd, boosting your intuition and with Mars in Leo from the 12th renewed courage and vitality should be available to you.
July: Dynamic Mars and love planet Venus are stirring up your domestic area during July. This suggests that a creative new project with a special person is about to begin. Be positive as there’s plenty of positive energy to make some ingenious changes to your surroundings.


June: June is your birthday month; your insights and communication should now be at their peak ready for new ideas and even a change of career. Mighty Jupiter is at the highest point of your chart, newly arrived in Pisces this could turn out to be just the lucky break that you have been waiting for. The new moon in your sign on the 10th offers breakthroughs in communication.
July: Venus and Mars are strong in your communication sector and the radiant Sun illuminates the opportunity to review your finances and earning potential. You should now have the courage and confidence to step forward and make those vital changes.


June: June is an important month for Cancerians, as relationship planet Venus remains in your sign for most of the month. Friends, family and domestic issues will be highly important to you. Mars arrives in Leo on the 12th offering high energy and renewed vitality, be sure to make the most of your gifts as new opportunities advance your strengths.
July: July is your birthday month and things look very positive as the radiant Sun shines brightly in your sign and is joined by the powerful new moon on the 10th. Be ready for change and a new lease of life, whether in social or professional affairs as your energy levels reach a new height.


June: Connecting with friends and new groups could turn out to be the most exciting part of your life during this month. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are in a pivotal position for ensuring that plenty of opportunities come your way. Abundant Jupiter, newly arrived in Pisces, looks set to bring some financial good luck your way; use your intuition to make the right decisions.
July: Energetic Mars and the love planet Venus are both travelling through your sign shining the spotlight on all forms of creative communication. Now is the perfect time to take any new opportunity to broaden your horizons. Group and teamwork involvements will work best for you.


June: June suggests new relationships and new beginnings are coming your way as the love planet Venus arrives in Cancer on the 3rd. Saturn in Aquarius is also helping you to make important new decisions concerning the structure of your life. A career opportunity could also be on the cards as the Gemini New moon on the 10th offers insight for opportunity and gain.
July: July’s potent new moon in Cancer on the 10th brings many benefits your way. Interaction with friends and new group activities are suggested, but also take the opportunity to relax and take things easy. The Aquarian full moon on the 24th indicates a new career opportunity.


June: June is all about further education and making new plans for the future. Jupiter in Pisces paves the way for some brilliant ideas, all enhanced by the potent Gemini new moon on the 10th. Your future ambitions get a welcome boost as your ruling planet Venus travels through the highest point of your chart after the 3rd.
July: During July, the most pivotal sector of your chart is illuminated by the Sun followed by the Cancerian new moon on the 10th. Be sure to use your incredible drive and energy to view new and exciting prospects as a new direction beckons. Mars and Venus in Leo also indicate some positive activity on the social scene.


June: June focuses on your creative ambitions as expansive Jupiter and intuitive Neptune both highlight this area of your chart. The powerful Gemini new moon on the 10th draws your attention to new ways of making money using your hidden talents. You have the power to make amazing changes, if you are ready for new possibilities.
July: Under current trends you’ll find that broadening your horizons and planning an important journey becomes much clearer. Mars and Venus, both in fiery Leo, give you the courage and confidence to make an important decision. The Aquarian full moon on the 24th enhances your intuition.


June: After the 12th energetic Mars arrives in fiery Leo and stirs up the adventure sector of your chart, travel is on your mind and it’s an excellent time to bring plans to a head. Venus in intuitive Cancer from the 3rd suggests that new insights on a project you have been working on can now come to fruition. The Gemini new moon offers a new dimension to your life.
July: The powerful Cancerian new moon in your financial area on the 10th July suggests there is work to be done concerning your plans for the future. Vibrant Mars, busy in fiery Leo, suggest that you would rather fancy moving to pastures new, be positive, a splendid offer might just come your way.


June: Dynamic Mars is in your opposite sign until the 11th, be sure to use this time wisely as your newfound courage and determination can boost your profile. These positive current planetary trends show that you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time when opportunity comes your way. The Gemini New moon on the 10th offers a breakthrough.
July: Partnerships and relationships are strongly in focus this month. Mars and Venus are both powerful in Leo, boosting your energy at a pivotal point of your chart. Plans for innovative new ideas can now be laid down and the full moon in Aquarius on the 24th brings a few pleasant surprises your way.


June: June is the perfect month for social activities as the radiant Gemini Sun shines brightly on new friendships - or even on the possibility of a new romance! The 10th offers a turning point as the potent Gemini new moon suggests that you are gaining important new insights as you plan for something totally different. The Capricorn full moon on the 24th heightens your intuition.
July: The Sun and the powerful Cancerian new moon on the 10th both highlight some important work issues during July. Let go of any limitations that hold you back as such a lot can be achieved with hard work and determination. Mercury’s change of sign on the 12th reveals an interesting opportunity.


June: Dynamic Mars boosts your confidence during June, particularly around the 12th as it changes sign by moving into fiery Leo. Jupiter has recently arrived in your sign offering you the chance to use your intuitive powers to become more successful and follow the path you love. The Gemini new moon on the 10th highlights a domestic issue that needs attention.
July: The Sun shines brightly in the soft and gentle sign of Cancer, illuminating the romantic sector of your chart. As the new moon culminates in that area on the 10th the offer of new beginnings is very real. Go with your intuition and you can’t go wrong.

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