Your Horoscopes for December 2021 and January 2022 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

December: December sees some important planetary activity as the year comes to a close. Saturn and Uranus have been challenging each other for most of this year, the last aspect culminates on the 23rd. Uranus is all about upheaval and freedom and Saturn is all about limitation and restriction. During these times we have had to find and understand a balance between individual freedom and the laws governing public welfare. This has also been a time of great awakening for many people as they have learned to question everything – it’s not over yet! The mighty planet Jupiter arrives in Pisces on the 29th, remaining there until May 2022. Jupiter is at home in Pisces and we can expect that our sense of faith and optimism will finally be restored. This time is particularly special because Neptune is also in Pisces, this magical combination of optimism and mystical vision is indeed a cosmic blessing after the difficult times that we have all been through. Communication planet Mercury arrives in down-to-earth Capricorn on the 14th, suggesting the potential for methodical thinking and solutions to practical problems. Love planet Venus remains in Capricorn all month, turning retrograde on the 19th, watch out for challenges in relationships. This year’s winter solstice, the shortest day in our hemisphere, arrives on the 21st, it’s the perfect time to light a candle and make way for the start of lengthening days. The new moon is in Sagittarius on the 4th and the Gemini full moon arrives just before the festive season on the 19th.

January: The year begins with a close alignment of the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Mercury all in the earth sign of Capricorn. The tone of the year ahead reminds us once again that accountability and responsibility are still major themes. Dynamic Mars and the moon are in close contact on this first day of 2022, both are in the freedom loving and truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius, this combination is both powerful and energetic and strongly demands change. Whatever is not working in our lives needs to be addressed with courage and conviction. The Mars/Moon combination in Sagittarius also brings hope and optimism that the year ahead will be easier than the last two difficult years. Mercury in Aquarius begins its 3-week retrograde phase on the 14th, as always, take extra care with any travel plans and important communications. Abundant Jupiter is now firmly in the sign of mystical Pisces, reminding us once more how important it is to stay kind and compassionate to ourselves and to those around us. The first new moon of the year falls in Capricorn on the 2nd, this is the time for following and honouring your intentions for new beginnings. Change and opportunity are the themes of the challenging full moon in Cancer on the 17th.

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Solstice blessings and best wishes for a magical festive season and a successful New Year.


December: Jupiter arrives in Pisces at the end of the month, your intuition is heightened and you should start to feel that big changes are beginning to emerge. First you need to sweep out the old in order to create space for these exciting new prospects. Mars, your ruler, arrives in pivotal position from the 13th and the powerful Sagittarian new moon on the 4th will have ensured that your optimism is at its strongest.
January: Your ambitions and your highest goals are in the spotlight during January as you plan for what could turn out to be a transformational year. Dynamic Mars, your ruler, is strong in fiery Sagittarius, emphasising the need for you to connect with your higher mind. Excellent opportunities are now available, providing that you use your confidence and courage!


December: Finances and resources are about to arrive in the spotlight as the radiant Sagittarian Sun with business minded Mercury light up this area of your chart. December brings some necessary but positive restructuring ideas to the surface and at the end of the month flamboyant Jupiter suggests that a new friendship group is about to emerge offering some innovative ideas that will broaden your horizons.
January: The line-up of planets at a pivotal sector of your chart ensure that further education, travel and romance are seriously linked together this month. Your ruler, love planet Venus, is currently in down-to-earth Capricorn, moving back to direct motion on the 29th. A relationship issue that has been concerning you for months could at last present the practical answer you seek.


December: Relationships are highlighted during December as the Sagittarian Sun and outgoing Mercury emphasise this area of your chart. Communication should be good and that special someone could have a surprise in store for you. Expansive Jupiter, arriving in Pisces at your career sector, reveals that 2022 will be a positive and successful year offering some wonderful opportunities. Be practical and optimistically cautious as you push yourself forward.
January: Dynamic Mars and the emotional moon are a powerful combination in Sagittarius at the start of the month. Partnership issues are concerning you and it’s now time to put your point of view across and win support from an unexpected quarter. Finances arrive in the spotlight after the Cancerian full moon on the 17th, take full advantage of any opportunities that come your way.


December: Romance looks lively during the first weeks of December as dynamic Mars in sexy Scorpio dominates your chart. Work opportunities are also looking rather positive as the Sagittarian Sun and communicative Mercury both shine a powerful light on anything to do with your career prospects. New adventures and socialising are also in the forefront, especially after Jupiter arrives in Pisces on the 29th.
January: Your health and wellbeing are high on your agenda at the start of this month as Mars and the moon in Sagittarius urge you to take stock and put more energy into a good life balance. The pivotal full moon in your sign on the 17th offers a challenge, but also helps you to reach a new understanding if you trust your intuition and your instincts.


December: Events in December hinge around optimistic and expansive Jupiter spending most of the month at the end of Aquarius. This highlights your relationship and partner areas and some long lasting decisions may have to be made before Jupiter’s move to Pisces on the 29th. Interesting opportunities present themselves around the Gemini full moon on the 19th, It is a positive time for some new friendships and group endeavours.
January: As forceful Mars in Sagittarius is now active in a pivotal sector of your chart, you’ll find that your focus is changing. The value of broadening your horizons and using your creative talents becomes increasingly important. The full moon in Cancer on the 17th throws some light on an issue that’s been troubling you for a while.


December: December highlights all things to do with your home and family, the Sagittarian Sun and communicative Mercury highlight the need for spending some quality time here. The new moon in Sagittarius on the 4th stirs up your curiosity and your desire to experience something new, could a move be on the cards for 2022? Venus spends all month in Capricorn suggesting challenges in your love life, it’s a good time to sort out any relationship issues.
January: Relationship minded Venus remains in practical Capricorn all month, continuing the theme of all things to do with love and romance. You might need to let go of any preconceived ideas about trying to solve a recent problem, go with the flow and use your intuition. The Cancer full moon on the 17th brings some fresh insight and lucky Jupiter in Pisces also lends a helping hand to whatever is bothering you.


December: Enthusiastic Mars in intuitive Scorpio is stirring up the financial angle of your chart during December, anything that needs your attention should be dealt with now before Mars changes sign on the 13th. Expansive Jupiter offers you some creative and innovative ways to boost your earning potential during the last few weeks of Aquarius. Capricorn Venus suggests that home renovations could also surface this month.
January: Vibrant Mars in Combination with the fiery Sagittarian moon ensure a dynamic start to the month. Your communication skills are the main focus and anything that’s not working will have to be scrutinised and changed. Jupiter and Neptune highlight your health and wellbeing as new and exciting ways of keeping fit present themselves, particularly around the Cancer full moon on the 17th.


December: Dynamic Mars, your ruler, has two weeks left in your sign suggesting that whatever projects need finishing should command your full attention. Mighty Jupiter arrives in a pivotal position on the 29th, possibly highlighting a period of expansion, particularly in your creative endeavours; the emphasis is on how you communicate your ideas to others. The Gemini full moon on the 19th offers a new perspective for making long term plans.
January: The Sun, Venus, Pluto and Mercury are all activating the communication sector of your chart offering a new sense of direction concerning some important interaction. Future plans look rosy so don’t be afraid to take the initiative. The Capricorn new moon on the 2nd is significant as it highlights the possibility of linking your creative ideas with some firm foundations.


December: December is your birthday month, the Sun and Mercury light up your sign and with the new moon arriving on the 4th this couldn’t be a better month for you. It’s important to take stock on how successful you have been over the past year, the emphasis is now on how you value yourself and making sure that you stay with a positive vibration. Dynamic Mars arrives in Sagittarius on the 13th, bringing some extra vitality your way.
January: A busy month is indicated as vibrant Mars aligns with the moon in your sign. Four planets in Capricorn suggest that rearranging some financial issues will become a central theme. You may feel the need to break free from old ways of doing things, but if you keep an open mind, you can learn a great deal. The full moon in Cancer on the 17th offers you a sense of changing priorities.


December: The Venus Pluto conjunction on the 11th heralds a time of great change and transformation. This important cosmic event ensures that some great achievements are possible. It’s vital that you use your intuition when making decisions and trust that your self-confidence will pave the way forward. Jupiter’s arrival in your communication sector on the 29th adds potency to this dynamic, bringing you a sense of deep satisfaction.
January: Four planets in your sign appear to be marking the beginning of a new chapter in your life, just right for the start of the New Year! Jupiter is strong in Pisces, encouraging you to be flexible about the future and to be prepared to change your plans. The new moon in your sign on the 2nd offers you some extra powers of persuasion


December: Bountiful Jupiter is about to leave your sign after a one year stay. Arriving in Pisces on the 29th this change will ensure that your sensitivity, empathy and intuition are at their peak and your main objectives may involve helping and serving others. The planets are stirring up the more adventurous sector of your chart, new ideas involving innovative groups of friends are forming so get ready for change and a new lease of life.
January: Dynamic Mars in Sagittarius gives you great enthusiasm and a buoyancy when it comes to achieving your goals. New contacts can arrive out of nowhere and your networking skills will be at their very best. Wise Saturn in your sign gives you staying power for new projects as you leave recent problems behind and win the recognition that you deserve.


December: It’s all change at the end of December as mighty planet Jupiter joins mystical Neptune and arrives in your sign. This move should give you a positive boost as optimism takes over from some rather unhelpful thoughts. Your career also gets a boost as the Sun and Mercury strengthen this area of your chart. Romance is also looking positive with a view to a long-term partnership becoming more serious.
January: Expansive Jupiter is now firmly in your sign filling you with hope for a rewarding year ahead. Big ideas lead to remarkable results, so be sure to make your thinking optimistic and forward-looking. The new moon in Capricorn on the 2nd highlights friends and group activities that are connected to your personal aims and goals, teamwork is the way forward!

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