Your Horoscopes for April and May 2021 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

April: The month of April moves the fiery sign of Aries to the forefront, emphasising the need for action, and we can all expect some dynamic shifts of energy in all areas of life. The powerful Aries new moon on the 12th heightens confidence and self-esteem, but the downside of Aries is impatience, anger and intolerance. The necessary qualities of patience, compassion and tolerance are now needed more than ever. Mars, the planet of courage and enterprise, remains in quick-witted Gemini until the 22nd, offering the perfect opportunity for adjusting to new ideas and acting on them. Globally we will continue to see some very challenging events, particularly around the Sun/Pluto connection on the 16th as these powerful forces challenge each other in the heavens. Venus, the planet of love and romance, arrives in sensual Taurus on the 15th, we can all use this excellent placement for injecting more passion into a new or a long-standing relationship. The month ends with an emotional Scorpio full moon on the 27th.

May: The energies for May are much more stable as we appreciate the grounding energy of the earth sign of Taurus and bathe in the abundance that nature has to offer. Venus arrives in versatile Gemini on the 9th, offering the perfect opportunity for outdoor socialising and reconnecting with friends and family. Mighty Jupiter arrives in Pisces on the 14th, but only for a short while before going back into Aquarius at the end of July. Jupiter in Pisces is deeply compassionate, prioritising selflessness and brotherly love to all who are in need. The new moon is in practical Taurus on the 11th and the full moon is in adventurous Sagittarius on the 26th.


April: Your ruler, dynamic Mars, is powerful in Gemini and highlights your learning and communication sector. Be sure to take advantage of any opportunities to meet new people who can influence your progress in this area. The Scorpio full moon on the 27th illuminates a financial breakthrough.
May: The Taurus Sun starts the month in a unique aspect to Uranus, this exceptional combination illuminates the way you value yourself and how you come across to others. Change is long overdue and Venus arriving in chatty Gemini on the 9th expands your social circle and assists with communicating your ideas.


April: Venus, your ruler, sheds her bountiful light on your sign after the 15th, this should enhance your feelings of confidence as you recognise it is time to turn up the pace in many areas of your life. The transformational Scorpio full moon on the 27th offers a new intensity to a longstanding relationship.
May: The Sun is in your sign and starts the month in exact aspect to the rebel planet Uranus. This month will not be dull, and you’ll start to see plenty of unexpected change. Dynamic Mars is in the sensitive and intuitive sign of Cancer, offering you a chance to clear up some emotional matters.


April: Your finances and assets loom large during April as dynamic Mars moves through your sign. A reassessment is on the cards as you take stock and review your options. As communicative Mercury, your ruler, arrives in pioneering Aries on the 4th your confidence grows and you start to see a more optimistic path ahead.
May: Dynamic Mars in sensitive Cancer is stirring up the financial area of your chart, use your intuition to make some necessary changes, you’ll be well rewarded as new opportunities open up. Practical matters also look encouraging and you’ll see the need to put in lots of hard work, particularly around the full moon on the 26th.


April: Your career area is illuminated by the powerful Aries Sun and beneficial Venus. If you have been wanting to make a change now might just be the best time. The Aries new moon on the 12th offers new beginnings and abundant Jupiter shines a helpful light if you trust your intuition.
May: Energetic Mars is busy in your sign all month, giving you the courage, self-confidence and determination to stand firm on a recent issue. The Sun and Venus illuminate the social area of your chart offering plenty of opportunities to make new friendships and renew old ones.


April: The Sun and Venus shine a spotlight on higher learning and inner growth this month as you strive to make sense of things that have recently arrived in your life. Beneficial Venus arrives at your career highpoint on the 15th, offering favourable opportunities, with positive financial rewards.
May: The Sun, your ruler is close to the maverick planet Uranus at the highest point of your chart.  This illuminates the way for bigger and brighter career prospects, believe in yourself and claim what is rightfully yours. The Sagittarian full moon on the 26th brings a romantic situation to your attention.


April: Mercury, your ruling planet, arrives in fiery Aries on the 4th, revitalising your mind and bringing clarity on financial issues. It’s a good time to capitalise on professional matters as people around you will appear receptive to your plans. The new moon in Aries on the 12th brings an energy boost.
May: This month brings a sense of adventure and exciting new possibilities as the Sun and love planet Venus offer brilliant opportunities to broaden your horizons. Communicative Mercury arrives in Gemini on the 4th, ensuring that you get the very best out of your social endeavours.


April: Love, romance and relationships are all in the spotlight during April as the Sun and Venus travel through your opposite sign. Some important and lasting decisions may need to be made, but remember Aries is a volatile sign, so be sure to proceed with caution, particularly around the new moon on the 12th.
May: The new moon in Taurus on the 11th illuminates the important decisions that you have taken in recent months, Venus is favourable and success looks almost certain. Improved communications show that you can make a powerful impact on others as your optimism makes all the difference.


April: Jupiter and Saturn are highlighting your family and home life as you realise that some major changes will need to be set in motion. Communication is highlighted this month as you look at new ways to connect with those closest to you. The dynamic Aries new moon on the 12th brings an exciting opportunity your way.
May: Your opposite sign of Taurus is crowded with four planets at the start of this important month. In due course you will determine who you really are, what matters most and what your ultimate goal is. The Sagittarius full moon on the 26th brings a financial challenge to the surface.


April: Creative new ways of earning your living are important this month. The Aries Sun and Venus both push you forward to try new things and show you that you can turn dreams into reality, providing that you build firm foundations. Your love life looks exciting, especially around the passionate new moon on the12th.
May: Jupiter, your ruler, arrives in Pisces on the 14th illuminating your home and family life. Jupiter is all about expensing and broadening horizons, now is the perfect time to let go of outmoded ideas and discover inspirational new ways forward. The full moon in your sign on the 26th will be a turning point.


April: This is a pivotal month as Mars in Gemini is busy stirring up all sorts of new and innovative ideas. The Sun and Venus in Aries add to this combination and offer you great courage and desire to push forwards in a new direction. The fiery Aries new moon on the 12th enhances your energy and offers new beginnings.
May: Energetic Mars is in your opposite sign of Cancer all month, paving the way for determination and success on many levels. The Sun and the maverick planet Uranus are working together, setting the scene for the winds of change to blow away any cobwebs in your social and romantic life.


April: This month bodes well for successful communication and transactions, particularly after the 12th when the Aries new moon gives you an energy boost enabling some major shifts to take place. Venus arrives in Taurus on the 15th positively illuminating your home and family life.
May: Mars is travelling through a pivotal area of your chart all month; this is a powerful opportunity for reviewing your daily life and clearing out anything that is not essential. Jupiter leaves your sign for a few months as finances are highlighted and a dynamic phase of change and self-determination begins.


April: Finances are set to improve this month as the combination of the Sun and Venus in Aries indicate some new insights are coming to the surface. Your breakthrough arrives with the Aries new moon on the 12th: Venus arriving in Taurus on the 15th ensures your creativity reaches a new height.
May: Expansive Jupiter arrives in your sign on the 14th, although only for a short stay, how you relate to others is about to be challenged and a new plan of action is on the cards. Inspirational new ideas start to form with the powerful new moon in Taurus on the 11th.

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