Your Horoscopes for April and May 2020 by Astrologer Christine Chalklin

April: Mars, the planet of courage and enterprise, starts the month in a powerful and close alignment with stern Saturn, reaffirming that projects can positively flourish if we cultivate discipline, patience and persistence. Powerful Pluto and expansive Jupiter start the month together in Capricorn, creating the opportunity for some deep and uncomfortable truths to be revealed; but this unusual cosmic pattern also spells opportunity and change. Venus, the planet of love and romance, enters the playful sign of Gemini on the 4th suggesting that April is the perfect month to make improvements to your social life. It’s the perfect time to arrange meetings, network and link up with like-minded people. Mercury arrives in Aries with a flourish on the 11th, in this sign communication goes up a gear, but beware of quick and often rash judgements. The full moon is in well balanced Libra on the 8th and the new moon culminates in down to earth Taurus on the 23rd.  

May: May looks like an exciting month as Uranus, the planet of revolution and radical change lines up with communicative Mercury and the Sun. Taurus is an earth sign ruling money, business and possessions; during this transit we can expect some upheaval in these and many other sectors of life, ultimately paving the way for some positive change. On a lighter level Venus remains in versatile Gemini all month, offering the perfect opportunity for some outdoor socialising and having fun. Dynamic Mars arrives in intuitive Pisces on the 13th, Mars in this sign is the champion of the underdog and the abandoned; it could mark a period where people are compelled to action by challenging issues facing the world we live in. The full moon is in practical and caring Virgo on the 7th and the new moon arrives in playful Gemini on the 22nd.


April: Jupiter and Pluto join together at the highest point of your chart, shining a powerful light on your career, your goals and your ambition. Your earning ability is ripe for change, be sure to take advantage of a brilliant opportunity to meet new people who can influence your progress. The new moon on the 23rd suggests a practical breakthrough.
May: The Taurus Sun starts the month of May in strong aspect to Uranus and Mercury illuminating the financial axis of your chart. It’s a good time to take another look at all matters concerning your wealth and assets. Then it’s all change for new beginnings after the 22nd as the energetic Gemini new moon suggests some innovative communication.


April: Dynamic Mars is stirring up your social life, new friendships and group activities can start to progress positively now; you should be feeling at your most confident as this is your cue to shift gear and turn up the pace. The powerful Libra full moon on the 8th offers new insight and gives you a much more balanced point of view.
May: The Sun in your sign is in strong aspect to rebellious Uranus and business minded Mercury; this month should see plenty of action and change, and a totally new perspective as anything is possible! The Virgo full moon on the 7th emphasises that a practical review may be necessary in a close relationship.


April: Relationships and partnerships are in the spotlight this month as a powerful connection of transformational Pluto and expansive Jupiter offer challenge and change.  Fiery Mars moving through unpredictable Aquarius suggests a new passion for life and you’ll be driven to make improvements that broaden your horizons.
May: Venus in your sign offers a pleasing social period as interesting opportunities open up and you can bask in the limelight. Practical matters also look encouraging around the full moon on the 7th – as long as you feel ready to put in lots of hard work. Enjoy the playful new moon in your sign on the 22nd,  it looks encouraging!


April: Mars and Saturn occupy the finance and resource sector of your chart this month. You’ll be feeling energetic but do be sure to proceed with caution as all might not be what it seems to be. Abundant Jupiter in positive aspect to Venus shines a helpful light by empowering you to make the right decisions.
May: Radical Uranus, curious Mercury and the radiant Sun are suggesting that interesting social opportunities could come from unexpected directions during May. This exciting period brings a sense of adventure and new possibility. A good time to take up intellectual interests and expand your horizons.


April: Mars and Saturn are active in your relationship sector this month, at first decisions may seem impossible but tune into intuitive Mercury in Pisces and you’ll find you can’t go wrong. The powerful new moon in practical Taurus on the 23rd offers a brilliant career opportunity; focus on turning exciting ideas into long term projects.
May: Your ruler the Sun joins maverick planet Uranus at the highest point of your chart, illuminating the way for bigger and brighter career prospects. Passionate Mars is busy in your relationship sector, you want action and a partner who’s decisive. The entertaining Gemini new moon on the 22nd suggests a positive breakthrough.


April: Mercury, your ruling planet, remains in close contact with intuitive Neptune until the 10th.  This aspect challenges you to see a completely different view point in many areas of life. It’s a good time to capitalise on professional matters as people around you will be very receptive to your plans. The new moon in Taurus offers a practical solution.
May: May brings a sense of adventure and exciting new possibilities as the Sun offers opportunities to broaden your horizons. The powerful full moon in your sign on the 7th is a turning point ensuring that you enjoy popularity and recognition. Use positive thinking to get the very best out of social endeavours.


April: Home and family matters move into the spotlight during April as expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto highlight the domestic sector of your chart. Some important and lasting decisions may need to be made, be sure to proceed with caution. Venus arriving in Gemini on the 4th offers a fresh perspective.
May: If your ambition’s been a bit lacking, it’s all change once powerhouse Mars enters Pisces on the 13th. This is your green light to delve deeply into your intuition and grab any new opportunities that come your way. The new moon in Gemini on the 22nd illuminates an exciting adventure that is about to begin.


April: Expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto are strong in your communication sector, both offering you some long term help in building your courage and self-confidence. The dynamic Taurus new moon in your opposite sign on the 23rd triggers intense feelings about a range of situations – a new passion for life is emerging.
May: Uranus, planet of rebellion and change, is in close contact with Mercury and the Sun in your opposite sign. These planets urge you to determine who you really are, what matters most and what your ultimate goal is. The Gemini new moon on the 22nd looks exciting – be alert to a sudden swing in fortune. 


April: Neptune and Mercury are in close alignment in Pisces, suggesting that you finally have a vision about what needs to be done now and in the future. Mars and Saturn, both in logical Aquarius, can turn these dreams into reality, providing that you build firm foundations. Breakthroughs arrive at the Taurus new moon on the 23rd.
May: Energetic Mars in Aquarius illuminates the communication area of your chart up to the 13th, take advantage as you could profit from a new sense of resolve when it comes to getting things done. The new moon in your opposite sign on the 22nd offers a breakthrough, it’s time to discover inspirational new ways forward.


April: This is a potent month for Capricorns as Mars and Saturn are strong in individualistic Aquarius.  This combination can give you great courage and desire to overcome any habit patterns that no longer serve you.  The Sun illuminates your home and family life, sit back and enjoy some quality time.
May: The Jupiter/Pluto link is packed full of fruitful ideas that can pave the way for determination and success on many levels. Love is also in the spotlight this month with Uranus, Mercury and the Sun setting the scene for the winds of change to blow away any cobwebs in your social and romantic life.


April: This month bodes well for successful communication and creativity, particularly after the 4th when Venus arrives in Gemini giving you an energy boost and enabling some major shifts to take place.  Dynamic Mars remains in your sign all month, suggesting that you should be clearer about your objectives.
May: May is an important month as Uranus, your ruler, forms a tight connection with intellectual Mercury and the radiant Sun. This powerful combination offers you the opportunity for renewal and clearing out. It’s time to rid yourself of anything that is not essential, even if it requires some serious soul searching.


April: Finances are improving this month as the radiant Sun indicates some valuable new insight into how you earn your money. A breakthrough arrives with the arrival of Mercury into headstrong Aries on the 11th, and Venus shines a positive light in Taurus by showing you ways to earn through your own creativity.
May: How you relate to others is about to be challenged as a new plan of action is on the cards. Inspirational new ideas start to form with the challenging full moon in your opposite sign on the 7th. The powerful Jupiter Pluto connection ensures that you thrive on practical challenges, particularly where new friends are concerned.

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