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Green Article - February/March 22

Top Eco Trends For 2022

The green drivers that will shape our actions in 2022, and beyond.

ONE – Waste Reduction

Steady yourself for the drive towards waste reduction continuing at pace in 2022. That means platforms, initiatives and collaborations are on the rise, with consumers putting pressure on brands to be more considerate over packaging.

TWO - The Rise of The Eco-Retailer

Established brands are starting to offer eco-friendly in-store designs and solutions, yet while the banning of plastic bags was a ‘one size fits all’ remedy that everyone had to move along with, entities outlining a solid and genuine eco edge will find they have a social and commercial platform on which to build.

THREE - Sustainable Products Will Become the Norm

Generation Z have embraced the sustainability trend like none before them. They are acutely aware of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and a responsibility to fix issues, and the growing influence of this generation is likely to see the common popularity of sustainability to continue to increase.

The main sectors are food (food production is currently responsible for 26% of greenhouse gases), fashion and lifestyle products, for example moving to electric vehicles, digitisation and more.

FOUR - Reduction in the Price of Renewable Energy

There’s been a huge reduction in the price of wind and solar energy over the past decade, and the trend should continue. Mostly this is down to the technology behind renewable energy becoming more efficient, so the overall cost becomes cheaper for everyone.

FIVE - Home Working is Here To Stay

While this may seem like a work trend rather than an eco-trend, clearly our ability to work from home – and general employer acceptance that it’s an efficient method for business in the post-lockdown era – offers a great environmental boost, whereby we are not using cars or other modes of transport to the same level.

SIX - Look Out for Climate Positive

If you thought Net Zero Emissions was a major challenge for us to rise to and overcome, prepare for the era of Climate Positive.

As with all movements, the next logical move is to go one step beyond, and that means personal and brand actions are actually causing a positive environmental benefit – for instance, by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

SEVEN - Clean Air Emphasis

The impact of polluted skylines suddenly becoming clear during lockdown has inspired some to start to take more notice of our skies and the air.

We all know clean air is vital for health and wellness, so expect improvement of air quality to be a big issue in 2022.