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Gardening: Festive Foliage - December 23/January 24

Whether you are an avid gardener or just someone who loves to embrace the spirit of Christmas, adding a few festive plants to your home can really elevate the festive mood. Here are some alternatives to the familiar poinsettia this festive season.

Christmas cactus

Itstands out distinctly from its desert relatives, offering a fresh and vibrant appeal tailored for indoor settings. Originating from the rainforests, this plant is well-suited for home interiors, shunning the typical arid conditions its name might suggest.

As December draws near, the Christmas cactus unveils its captivating beauty, bursting into an array of splendid blooms. The cascading flowers, with their diverse palette of pinks, reds and pristine whites, stand in stark contrast to its dark green segmented stems.


The amaryllis, a distinguished bulbous plant, stands tall with its slender stems that proudly bear large, eye-catching blooms. As Christmas nears, the red amaryllis becomes a favourite, encapsulating the holiday's vibrant spirit. However, its beauty doesn't end there.

This versatile plant offers a delightful spectrum, from pristine whites and soft pinks to fiery oranges. With attentive nurturing and care, these bulbs can be coaxed into a recurring spectacle, gracing homes with their radiant blossoms annually.

Norfolk Island Pine

For those contending with limited space or perhaps living in smaller urban abodes, the prospect of housing a grand Christmas tree can seem daunting. Enter the Norfolk Island Pine, a perfect solution for such settings.

While compact in stature, this delightful houseplant embodies the quintessential charm of its larger counterparts. Resembling a mini Christmas tree, its delicate branches prove ideal for draping with petite ornaments and weaving strands of twinkling lights. It's a testament that festive grandeur can also come in smaller packages.


Often, when we think of festive decor, herbs might not immediately come to mind. Yet, rosemary, with its fragrant needles and potential for artful shaping, begs to differ. Many have adopted the practice of trimming rosemary into a conical silhouette, mirroring the iconic Christmas tree.

Mistletoe and holly

Mistletoe and holly, with their verdant leaves and vibrant berries, have etched their presence into the tradition of Christmas. Their historical and cultural significance transcends generations, evoking nostalgia and festive cheer. When you see mistletoe and holly, you know it can’t be any other time of year.


Often celebrated for its understated elegance, the cyclamen effortlessly graces spaces with its intricate heart-shaped leaves and uniquely poised, upswept petals. A testament to nature's artistry, its bloom palette sweeps from the purest of whites to the richest, velvety reds.