Don’t Be Water Wasteful

When you’ve been through a British winter, it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate the need to save water. However, cutting your consumption will bring both environmental and financial benefits.


Let’s be realistic about this. Not everywhere has pleasant-tasting tap water and saying it tastes the same as bottled water simply isn’t true. But those plastic bottles have to go.

A water filter jug goes a long way to achieving a bottled water taste. A company called Phox have recently released what they claim is ‘The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter’, which uses refillable filters.

A sparkling water maker such as a Sodastream, whilst not eco-neutral, is still better and cheaper over time than all those plastic shrink-wrapped fizzy water multipacks.


Water has to be processed before it arrives at your house and cutting back on energy is something we all know we should do. Besides, most of us have water meters these days so you are paying for every last drop.

Surprisingly a dishwasher is better than washing by hand provided you don’t put it on until it’s full. But don’t pre-wash your dishes – it’s not necessary.

Don’t run a tap unless you are actually using it at that moment – this includes shaving and brushing your teeth. Even with a shower, give it the shortest time possible to warm up before jumping in. And if your taps or cisterns are dripping, you are literally throwing money down the drain.