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Introducing Signia Integrated Experience (IX) with RealTime Conversation Enhancement - the world's first hearing aid with a multi-stream architecture capable of accurately pinpointing multiple moving speakers in real-time conversation, even if they move or you turn your head. With two great ways to hear - a rechargeable sleek behind the ear option which supports all of these features plus a runtime of 36 hours, and a rechargeable "completely in the canal" option with OneMic Directionality to help you hear speech in difficult listening situations, there has never been a better time to improve your hearing.

These services are now available for adults and children at:
Rugby Chiropractic, 80 Clifton Road, Rugby, CV21 3QX
Bragborough Hall Business Centre, Welton Road, Braunston, Daventry, NN11 7JG

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Diane Hammond, Your Local Independent Hearing Healthcare Professional - Over 40 years' experience in the field of hearing aid audiology.

Independent Optometrist with friendly, personal service

Biometric Intelligent Glasses from Rodenstock - the first high precision lenses made from a complete biometric eye model.

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We provide a complete hearing care service. In partnership with you, we match your lifestyle and hearing needs with the best technology to help you live your life to the full.

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