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Community News - October/November 21

Community News From Around Our Area

What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

With the lifting of Covid restrictions we are becoming used to meeting face to face in the Council Chamber again, after at least 18 months when we mostly had to meet online.

The Council is currently busy on several fronts. The recent town wide survey has provided guidance as to investment of the Community Infrastructure Levy that the Council will receive as a result of the developments in the Town. These are intended to improve and supplement our infrastructure and benefit the Town over many years. This will require very careful consideration so that we can invest it for the benefit of all.

The same survey also gave an indication of the need for more communication by the Council as to its work and plans. Consideration is therefore being given to the publication of a newsletter and improving and increasing our digital and electronic communication.

As the work on HS2 increases in our area we are likely to suffer its effects on a more frequent basis. Fortunately, HS2 have made a substantial grant to us to help to mitigate those effects, and we are using the grant to improve various services to ensure that Kenilworth remains open as the construction starts to interrupt our access.

We are also looking at ways to increase the welcome of our town centre so we can enjoy it more as part of our return to normal. We also want to help our local businesses to overcome the difficulties that we know they have suffered over the last 18 months so that this year we can look forward to a happy Christmas.

This year there will be a simultaneous Lights Switch On in the town, on Friday 26th November – the event will start at 5pm, with all lights being switched on at 6pm, and the celebrations continuing in both High Street and Warwick Road/Abbey End until 8pm. Look out for more details on