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Community News - June/July 21

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Young Musicians Urge Others to Break Down Barriers to Music Making

National arts-for-social-change charity, Orchestras for All, has released an inspiring new video to mark the launch of its ambitious five-year strategy and encourage others to join its movement.

The promotional video comes as Orchestras for All unveils a bold new visual identity – designed in close collaboration with its recently recruited youth board – and features a host of young musicians urging the public to break down significant barriers to music making.

For a worrying 98 per cent of National Orchestra for All (NOFA) members, cultural barriers and limited access to music making have prevented them from doing what they love the most.

Many young musicians also face health barriers, with 55 per cent previously unable to play in an orchestra due to autism, physical disability, learning difficulties, or social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

That’s why after 10 years of powerful work, Orchestras for All shares its renewed vision: a country where all young people aged 11-19 can access the joy and benefits of playing music with others, regardless of the daily challenges they may be facing.

Young clarinetist and National Orchestra for All ambassador, Joe, said, “Coming from a working class background, classical music seemed so inaccessible. It just seemed like something for the rich and wealthy. You could learn but weren’t given the opportunity to unless you had the money.”

Violinist, NOFA ambassador and young carer, Isaac, commented, “Being a NOFA member gave me some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. You play great music, you meet amazing people – and there’s a tonne of support, so that any problems that you have can be dealt with.”

Current NOFA member and viola player, Hannah, added, “It means a lot to me because I was able to gain my confidence and speak to new people. It encouraged me to share my ideas.”

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