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Local Teacher Publishes Her First Novel

Journeyman is the first full length novel by Emma Melville, a Nuneaton teacher and author.

After many years of success with short stories, many involving Inspector Marshall and the sometimes strange cases he has to solve, Emma decided to look at the Inspector’s beginnings in Fenwick in a full length tale.

The result is a gripping cross-genre novel mixing the procedure and deduction of a crime story with the magical elements of fantasy. It is inspired by folk music and myth as well as the desire we all have, that perhaps somewhere, is the door in the back of the wardrobe, which means life doesn’t have to be ordinary.

Maybe, the forensic team can prove the impossible is what actually happened. What challenges will that create for the investigating Inspector? In this case, the Inspector’s investigation is hindered by itinerant travellers, dead men, missing albinos, tales of naked women dancing on hilltops, and legends of a gypsy gift, generations old.

The story has been shortlisted for The Crime Writers’ Association ‘Debut Dagger Award’ and is already gathering 5-star reviews.

Journeyman is available on Amazon and you can engage with the book and author using the tag @InspectorMarshallMysteries on Facebook.