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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?  

Back in early March the Town Council was looking forward to the spring and summer. The Climate Change roadmap had been agreed with a number of local activities planned, including a major public launch event, a business breakfast, a trip to solar farms and much more.

Plans were already afoot for VE75 remembrances and celebrations with dedicated church services, and the closure of Warwick Road with street parties and live musical entertainment. Then came lockdown and most activities had to be cancelled, postponed or curtailed.

Several members of the council were involved in helping to set up a volunteer Covid-19 support group: a group that has grown to include several hundred volunteers acting as street champions, delivering prescriptions, helping with shopping and generally giving help and support to vulnerable residents.

Six or seven weeks on, Council life is gradually returning. At the end of April, we were able to hold the first ever virtual Planning Committee meeting and on Thursday 14th May we held a virtual Annual Meeting and Mayor-Making. We were able to thank and congratulate Cllr Alison Firth for her marvellous year as Mayor, and to welcome and confer Cllr Richard Dickson with the same honour for the coming year.

The new Mayor is keen to get out and about meeting people safely but only time will tell the extent to which normal activities will be resumed. We are putting more local information on the Town Council website and anyone can still contact their local councillors – we are still open for business.

The Council members want to wish the whole Kenilworth community a safe and healthy summer!