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There is no Excuse for Abuse and it is Never Your Fault

Coventry Haven Women’s Aid is an established specialist provider of support to those subjected to domestic violence and abuse, in the form of safe and confidential refuge accommodation, plus numerous methods of support and advocacy for those living in the community. We have been in Coventry for more than 48 years.

All our services are free and remain open for new and existing referrals during lockdown. Although we are anticipating a rise in demand for our services once lockdown is lifted, we are preparing for this and working closely with all accommodation providers in the city, to ensure we have safe places for victims to go.

We would urge those suffering domestic abuse, who haven’t been able to contact us during lockdown as it’s unsafe to do so, plus anyone who may be looking to reach out to us for the first time, to make contact with us; we are here for you and you are not alone.

Our website provides more detail on how we can help you Our helpline is open 7 days a week on 0800 111 4998, or send an email to

We are also able to offer support with how to help someone who you feel may be subjected to abuse, a friend/family member/neighbour/work colleague.

All our services are confidential and we work with you at your own pace. We believe you, we understand, we do not judge and we will not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do.

If you would like to assist us financially to continue our support for women and children especially during these unprecedented times, you can do so in many ways and more details can be found on our website or call 024 7644 4077 and ask for Jaime, to discuss the most convenient method for you.

Please do not look away, this is everyone’s business. Always remember, there is no excuse for abuse and it is never your fault.