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Coventry Fashion Brand Started with a Dream

For founder and owner of independent fashion brand Bottle Blonde Studios, Chloe Hollingsworth, it’s been quite a journey since she set up the brand back in 2016.

Coventry University graduate, Chloe Hollingsworth, had a dream one night that she made a jacket, entirely out of tinsel, she knew from there she had to turn her dream into a reality and immediately started drawing out the design to make it. Chloe started the brand in her bedroom and as more and more people became aware of the brand and her unique and fun designs, she knew she couldn’t do it alone, so enlisted the help of fashion student interns at Coventry University.

Around this time, the brand received a large order from a group of backing dancers on Britain’s Got Talent, and that’s when Chloe realised she was on to something big, and the rest is history. Fast forward 3 years and the brand now has its own studio in the City, they’ve had to move several times to bigger studios to keep up the constant flow of orders the brand now receives on a daily basis, usually from global destinations, particularly from Australia and America which is a regular distribution channel for the brand. Along with this, the brand have made customised jackets and outfits for celebrities, including Jessie J and most recently were asked to create one for Lady Gaga, and although she didn’t wear the design, just being asked by her team was a big enough achievement for Chloe.

Chloe said, “Getting asked by Gaga’s team to create a jacket just for her was such a big deal for myself and the brand, especially considering how much of a fan girl I am! Although she didn’t wear it in the end, just getting asked was a huge honour for myself and the team.”

The brand is now sold on multiple platforms, including We Koko, Silk Fred and Asos Marketplace, and they previously had a collection stocked in Topshop Oxford Circus. For a business that began in Chloe’s bedroom only 3 years ago, the brand has had multiple successes and continues to grow and develop.

When starting the brand Chloe had no money whatsoever, and the business was originally setup with the help of the Princes Trust, a charity that she still works with today and is a pure example of just what can be achieved with a dream, some tinsel, and a lot of hard work.