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What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

With the autumnal colours providing a sense of warmth against the colder weather, which is settling in, thoughts move towards various festivities in the next couple of months.

Vaccination rollout remains strong, with booster jabs being offered to those who had their second one six months ago, and a strong drive to protect against flu this year accompanies this. Thank you to everyone involved in the delivery of both vaccinations, your work is very much appreciated.

Alongside the continued hard work of the Town Council in ensuring all planning and grant applications are considered carefully, we are welcoming and supporting local community initiatives, such as the Kenilworth Repair Café.

The official launch of this fantastic initiative in Kenilworth took place on Saturday 23rd October, and was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Samantha Cooke, who took a camping chair to be fixed. The Council also organised Kenilworth’s annual Christmas market for December 2021.

17th January 2022 is also the next deadline for the Community Grant, so if you have something you would like us to consider for funding, please do make sure you have submitted your application before the deadline. This scheme is a fantastic way to support the local community, and one of our most recent awards went towards the refurbishment of Thorns swimming pool.

All Town Councillors continue to work hard to represent and engage with residents, listening to various suggestions and concerns. If there is something you want to raise with the Town Council, or get advice about Town Council matters, contact details are available on the website.

Finally, don’t forget that residents of the parish of Kenilworth can get Castle passes for a small fee, which gives free access to the Castle. If you are interested in this, then you can get a form online, or from outside Jubilee House.