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Community News - August/September 22

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Another World Record For Paddy Doyle

Baddesley Ensor Village multi-Guinness World Record Holder and fitness endurance champion, Paddy Doyle, had to battle through the hot weather on 9th July to gain his 717th career fitness endurance challenge and World Record, in the Hallow 12 Challenge, Worcestershire.

Doyle, who served in the Parachute Regiment and RAF Reserves, completed the 10 mile endurance cross country event carrying a 56lb backpack in 4 hour 18 minutes, 12 minutes within the chosen cut off time.

At the check point, five course stewards made sure he was given plenty of water and food which re-energised Doyle for the last five miles. Some of the 90-100 endurance cross country runners and walkers who were aiming to complete other distances in the event were very supportive by taking some action photos and film evidence, which is needed to verify the challenge and record.

Paddy said, "My right calf gave way again on the last two miles, so I just had to block out the stabbing pain and lock onto the endurance walkers in front which helped me to keep a sensible pace over the fields and hilly inclines."