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Community News - August/September 21

Community News From Around Our Area

What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

The Town Council finally held their first full council meeting back in the Jubilee House Council Chamber in June. The Mayor of Kenilworth, Cllr Peter Jones chaired, and shared with members how he had enjoyed celebrating the success of the Kenilworth Nature Watch week. Various competitions were launched re art and photography, in addition to the shop window competition, and he had been pleased to present the prizes to the talented winners. He also reported on the first ever raising of the LBGTQI flag outside Jubilee House for Pride Month, and his hope that these would both be events that will become staple events in Kenilworth’s social and commemorative diary.

Despite the Covid-19 safety measures in place in the meeting room, there was still a good atmosphere as Councillors worked hard together to help make Kenilworth the best place it can be for all residents and visitors.

The Tourism Working Group has been working hard to give summer visitors to Kenilworth a new and improved Kenilworth experience with the newly created series of guided walks. Following very impressive work by contractors funded by a HS2 BLEF grant, the guides and the new “Visit Kenilworth” website is now up and running and you can have a look for yourself at

It is a colourful, comprehensive, and easy to access website with downloadable maps as well as the guided walks which you can print out or use from your phone or tablet. The Kenilworth Web, which the tourism site sits within, will also be receiving an upgrade to ensure that it is easy to navigate for our residents.

We await the results of the Kenilworth wide survey which took place in June and July and look forward to understanding the projects and schemes our residents would like to prioritise that the CIL (Community infrastructure Levy) money is spent on. The levy monies will come from developers, large and small, who will be building the new houses around Kenilworth, to support the increase in Kenilworth residents.

The Council is now focusing on plans for Christmas, working alongside Warwick District Council Events Team and the Kenilworth Christmas Illuminations Committee.

If you would like to read the full minutes of the meetings and find out more about any of the projects, working groups and general ongoing work of the Council, please visit

Photo Credit: Jamie Gray Photography