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Community News - April/May 23

Community News From Around Our Area

What’s Happening at Kenilworth Town Council?

Both the District and Town Councils face an election on 4th May and changes in the Councillors are inevitable. In order to vote in the upcoming election you will now need to bring photo ID or you can vote by post. All details and requirements are on the Town Council’s website. In the meantime, the work of the Council goes on and decisions need to be made in relation to current matters and for the coming year which will affect the new Council.

The date of the election which is two days before the Coronation of King Charles has made it impossible for us to organise another Town Street Party which was so successful when we celebrated the Jubilee last summer.

The Coronation is a very important occasion and for many, a once in a lifetime experience which we all want to celebrate. We are pleased to announce that the Castle will be opened by English Heritage over the three days of the weekend to host events that will be available to Kenilworth Residents. The Council will be supporting these and other events which we know are in preparation.

The Town Centre will have the benefit of the return of the hanging banners, and we are arranging for some of the shop windows to be dressed to provide a Coronation focus point. Not only are we holding a Coronation Shop Window Competition but also a competition for the Best Dressed Pub / Restaurant / Café, and we hope everyone will join in selecting the winners and supporting our local businesses during this time.

In the absence of a main Town event, we are hoping that many street parties will be organised so that we can all celebrate the event with our neighbours and friends. The Council is very happy to support these and to offer assistance where possible. Keep your eyes peeled on the old Poundland and Shakespeare’s Hospice windows which will contain full details of all events over the celebratory weekend.