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Community News - April/May 21

Community News From Around Our Area

Local Bedworth Resident Raises Funds with the I’m Vaccinated Pin Badge

Local Bedworth resident, Trevor Hobley, has started to raise funds for the NHS University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity.

In early December, when the UHC&W Charity assisted with the world’s first Covid-19 vaccinations to Coventry residents, Margaret Keenan and William Shakespeare, Mr Hobley had the idea for an ‘I’m Vaccinated’ pin badge.

The unique design of this oval shaped, die stamped, guilt plated metal pin badge not only recognises visually that the wearer of this IPO Registered pin has been vaccinated; it is also intended to recognise and applaud the sterling efforts and expertise of pioneering scientists, clinicians and pharma to produce vaccines, in record time, to combat Covid-19.

The design of the pin with its standout red ‘V’ also commemorates the widely reported V-Day, Tuesday 8th December 2020, when the first clinically approved Covid-19 vaccine doses were administered in our own University Hospital, Coventry.

Mr Hobley hopes his idea might raise a significant amount of money for the UHC&W Charity who do sterling work supporting the patients and NHS nursing staff in our local hospitals. Mr Hobley commented, “Maybe the idea of wearing this pin might spread, and as more and more age groups and communities become vaccinated, this visual symbol might be seen as a beacon of hope against this awful virus”.

The pin can be purchased online for £5.00 plus postage and packaging, more details can be found at