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Community News - April/May 21

Community News From Around Our Area

Local Salon Owner Raises a Staggering Amount to Buy Laptops to Help Local Children During Lockdown

Lorraine Thompson has owned Hedz Hair Salon in Eastern Green since 2003 and has always lived and worked locally around the area.

Lorraine began baking as a hobby a few years ago, and usually only bakes for friends and family. When the third lockdown hit in January of this year, Lorraine decided to start baking again to raise a few pounds to help local people.

Lorraine said, “As a local Salon owner, the prospect of yet another long lockdown and not being able to work was somewhat daunting.

“I was listening to the local radio, CWR, who were appealing for laptops to be donated to schools in Coventry and came up with the idea to bake and sell enough cakes to buy one reconditioned laptop.”

Lorraine posted about her cake baking campaign to her friends on Facebook and the response has been incredible. At the time of writing, in March, Lorraine has baked over 250 cakes and has raised a staggering £3,323, and so far, she has been able to purchase 18 new laptops for local schools to give out to the children who are in need of them.

Many children have been struggling to cope with home schooling without any devices at all, whilst others have needed to share one device between two or maybe three children in one household, so Lorraine’s efforts have really made a difference to many local families.

Lorraine is still baking, and still raising funds, and it’s lovely to share such an inspirational story about a local lady who has turned her lockdown time to do something incredibly positive for the local community, well done Lorraine!