We are currently seeking volunteers to become drivers, bus escorts and shopping escorts. These roles are vital in helping to support individuals in need in our community, whether it’s by providing transportation to medical appointments or helping with grocery shopping. If you’re interested in volunteering and making a difference in your community, please call us on 024 7631 5151 or email us at info@volunteerfriends.org.uk. We would be thrilled to welcome you to our award-winning team and help you get started on this rewarding journey of giving back.

Are you looking for an interesting and worthwhile volunteering role? You could help make a difference for local people by volunteering with Healthwatch Coventry, your local health and social care champion. We make sure NHS leaders and decision makers hear your voice and use your feedback to improve care. We have several volunteer roles, such as being a member of our Steering Group, reviewing health information to ensure it is clear and easy to understand, or visiting health and social care facilities to see how they run. For more information visit www.healthwatchcoventry.co.uk/volunteer or contact 024 7622 0381 or yoursay@healthwatchcoventry.co.uk.

WCAVA are based in Atherstone and offer support to community and voluntary groups in North Warwickshire. We can help groups with the correct governance - constitutions, policies and risk assessments, as well as help identify funding opportunities, for more information contact david.simkins@wcava.org.uk or call 07989 402543. We also help people find volunteering opportunities and help groups who are looking for volunteers. On our database there is everything from helping run walking groups, administration, greeting people, charity shop assistants, social media and much more. For more information email ellen@wcava.org.uk or call 07966 380241 or visit www.wcava.org.uk.