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City Fibre News - February/March 21

How Coventry is Set to Benefit From a Full Fibre Network

The global pandemic has catapulted us well and truly into the digital age but, unfortunately, less than 20 per cent of the UK has access to future-proof full-fibre connectivity. This means most of us often find ourselves struggling with unreliable and slow internet speeds.

This isn’t ideal when you’re trying to tick off your to-do list before putting your ‘out of office’ on, do your online shopping, enjoy a Zoom call; and trying to keep the kids entertained at the same time!

The good news for Coventrians living in Ash Green, Holbrooks, Keresley End or Radford is that you can now access full-fibre broadband through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using our network to bring Gigafast broadband services to the city. Excited? You should be!

Here are five reasons why …

1.  If you enjoy the added flexibility of working from home but miss the connection speeds you had in the office, you can enjoy the best of both with full fibre. From being able to connect quickly and reliably to your organisation’s systems, to taking part in video conferences with colleagues, a good internet connection is not just a nice to have - it’s a necessity. Modern working is data-intensive but full-fibre provides the speed and reliability needed to sustain home-working long-term.

2.  We all like to enjoy our favourite shows and movies together and with Gigabit-speed connectivity, you can download the latest HD blockbuster in just 8.5 minutes instead of six hours. You can stream content almost instantly, and with a more reliable connection, there’s less buffer time too. 

3.  The gamers in your household will no longer have to wait hours for content to download, and when they are playing online, they will experience no buffer or lag. It will inject a whole new level of action into the gaming experience!

4.  Full fibre unleashes the potential of IoT (Internet of Things) technology and can help free up time to focus on the things that matter most. Intelligent homes can help us wake up on time, control room temperature and lighting, keep an eye on vulnerable loved ones, protect our property, improve energy efficiency, and help us save time, effort and money – the options are endless.

5.  Having a full-fibre connection may boost the value of your home. In Coventry, access could add up to £101m to local homes over a 15-year period, according to research from economic consultancy Regeneris. A recent survey by Rightmove of more than 3,000 house-hunters also found that quality broadband ranked as a higher priority than good access to transport links and nearby schools.