Style Column – June/July 20

Staples to Keep Your Lockdown Looks Comfy and Casual by Grace Parsons

In these uncertain and unclear times, fashion and what we are wearing is certainly not at the top of many people’s priority lists. I had many new ideas and trends that I wanted to share, ready for the transfer from Spring to Summer, but as of right now it is hard to think about where we are going to be in a couple of months’ time. Instead of dwelling on the holiday outfits that we are missing out on I have put together a few staple pieces we could all use in our wardrobes, to brighten our moods and make staying at home that little bit easier. […]

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Style Column – April/May 20

Versatility Is Key For Spring Fashion by Grace Parsons

As I am writing this London Fashion Week has just come to a close and the runways have been graced with the most innovative designs, forecasting the trends for the rest of 2020. As we edge closer to Spring, there are endless options to keep your wardrobe bright and fresh. The aesthetic for Spring 2020 is ‘wear-ability’, versatility is key and many of the trends are set to seamlessly transition into your everyday style. […]

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Style Column – February/March 20

2020 Style Tips by Grace Parsons

2020! New year, new resolutions and potentially a new wardrobe. However, 2020 is going to be all about recycling what you already have and shopping wisely. Make investments in your clothes and buy select few pieces that will stay with you forever. […]

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Style Column – December 19/January 20

Cosy Winter Style by Grace Parsons

We’ve finally hit that time of year where it’s time to dig out your favourite Christmas jumper and a classic fur coat, that is no doubt going to be a part of your daily wear until April next year. Winter can sometimes get people into a style rut, with the colder weather persuading people to swap style for warmth – here are just a few ideas that will help you make the most of your winter wardrobe whilst making sure you stay cosy at this time of year. […]

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Style Column – October/November 19

Top Tips For Autumn Styling by Grace Parsons

Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion and styling. My general top tip for autumn is to constantly layer your clothes, it is the perfect way to stay both warm and fashionable during the cooler months. The different layering combinations are endless and don’t be afraid to experiment with so many different styles – think a knit jumper over a plaid shirt or a lace camisole under a blouse. Below are more specific items of clothing and styles that are some of the biggest trends this season. […]

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Style Column – August/September 19

Your Summer Holiday Capsule Wardrobe by Grace Parsons

Summer holiday season is finally upon us and the motto to stick by for this year’s summer is to keep it capsule. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of those essential items that never go out of style. Owning these select pieces will bring so much versatility to your wardrobe so whether you’re on staycation and contending with the unpredictable British weather or if you’re jetting off to the tropics, I’ve got it covered for you! […]

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Community News – June/July 19

Community News From Around Our Area

Coventry Fashion Brand Started with a Dream

For founder and owner of independent fashion brand Bottle Blonde Studios, Chloe Hollingsworth, it’s been quite a journey since she set up the brand back in 2016. […]

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Style Column – June/July 19

Stay Stylish and Cool this Summer by Grace Parsons

It’s official, summer has finally arrived! I am writing my first ever fashion column to give you some tips on how to stay stylish and cool this summer. This column is designed to inspire people of all ages to explore and embrace new styles. I would like to begin by introducing myself, I am Grace Parsons, a nineteen-year-old gap year student living in Coventry, and in September I’ll be making the big move to London to begin my degree in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. I have always adored fashion and the confidence it gives me. Whilst I always want my style to be my own and never entirely trend led, I try to incorporate some trends into my wardrobe! […]

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