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Castle Medical Centre - October/November 22

Looking After Your Health and Wellbeing, Post the Covid Pandemic

At a time when access to healthcare is under a spotlight, post the Covid Pandemic, with longer waiting lists on the NHS, Castle Medical Centre has made new innovations for better patient care, to help our patients look after their health, in this crucial time. Our team include skilled healthcare professionals to help the clinicians provide tailored and holistic care for our patients.

We are offering health checks to all patients at our Stoneleigh health and vaccination centre which will also continue to offer covid boosters and flu vaccinations. The health checks will detect cardiovascular risk factors like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and excess weight and offer follow ups to treat these conditions. Please contact the surgery if you wish to have a well-man or well-woman check.

The practice, in collaboration with local respiratory teams, will provide support at home for patients suffering from Covid infections who are immunocompromised, this will include monitoring blood oxygen and access to anti-viral medication if needed.

We have advanced clinical nurse practitioners who work alongside GPs to provide clinical services to the patients of Kenilworth and surrounding areas. The practice has changed its IT systems to include video consultations, patient messaging systems and online consultations where patients can access their GP services 24/7 for both urgent and non-urgent health complaints. Please see our website to access online consultations.

We offer home visiting services to house bound patients via our paramedic services and frailty nurses who can assess, diagnose and treat you at home. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians, frailty nurses and pharmacists work with care home managers and local nursing home teams to provide continuing care for our patients at all times, so that our patients have the best care in their residential care homes.

We now have weekly dermatology clinic services for skin lesions, to check moles, lumps and bumps and offer minor surgery for removal of suspicious lesions. You can book into these by calling the surgery.

Our highly skilled nurses offer monitoring and treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, asthma and COPD. They also offer lifestyle, diet and exercise advice.

Our physiotherapist can help you with advice on muscular aches and pains, including assessments and scans if needed. We offer steroid joint injections for osteoarthritis for pain relief and certain other painful joint conditions.

Our clinical pharmacists can help you with medication queries and help manage your prescriptions.

Our social prescribers offer help with social care, social benefits, help with managing at home or a friendly chat. They work closely with our safeguarding team.

We have language lines for specialised interpreters in almost all languages.

Our newly reformed smoking cessation team offer help with giving up smoking.

We are here for you and continue to provide all general practice services as usual, please contact us for any of your health concerns.

Dr Suparna Behura
GP Partner and Trainer

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