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Castle Medical Centre - December 23/January 24

Focus on Mental Resilience

Since the Covid pandemic, we have seen increasing levels of anxiety, sadness, health issues and a sense of helplessness among people. Some of us have been brilliant in bouncing back to our old selves but some have been less successful in doing so. Mental resilience and mental defeat are two sides of the same coin that follow us through our lives and the shifts in the toss-up probably makes either a success, or failure, of any situation in our lives.

Resilience is our inner ability to cope with adverse situations, be it bereavement, financial loss, relationship breakdown, tragedies, the daily smaller difficulties at workplace or at home, or the much bigger pandemic that we all faced 3 years ago. Having attended many webinars on mental wellbeing and building up resilience among healthcare professionals, some ideas and techniques are so simple and of universal value, which I shall share below, that anyone can learn these skills to improve resilience, both physically and mentally, to face adverse situations and, come out of them without losing mental peace or wellbeing. 

Acceptance: Try to accept unfavourable things have happened and treat these events as learning points. Do not spiral down, plan a response, apologise if necessary, forgive and move away, accept they were meant to happen.

Breathe: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, each breath as long as you can hold, and do this for a minute, it will help calm your thoughts.

Challenge your thoughts: A very powerful strategy, think how you would behave if your best friend or a loved one had spiralling thoughts, how would you respond? Place threatening thoughts in imaginary speech bubbles and then puncture them, you will notice they are not so alarming.

Delight and compliment: Practice giving honest compliments to a colleague or even a stranger, every day, you will notice your burdens lessening.

Exercise: A brisk walk, getting out in the open and engaging your thoughts and senses to a beautiful moment in the past, a great holiday, a good book, a nice restaurant, to imagine the sounds and smells and colours, for a few minutes daily, will help uplift your mood. 

Family, friends and faith: The 3 magical triad, each one either separate or in combination, to talk to and be listened to, to contemplate and reflect, are an incredible source of support for our mental wellbeing.

Gratitude: Be grateful to colleagues, family, friends, pets, nature, your garden or anything that gives you happiness, either verbally or in silence, and you will feel a certain joy within you.

Each of us has a different way of coping with stress but sometimes thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming leading to physical illness, so asking for help and seeking out solutions is important. Castle Medical Centre has trained mental health support workers, social prescribers, health and wellbeing coaches and care coordinators to help with such issues. Please contact the surgery if you are going through such a situation.

Dr Suparna Behura
FRCGP Partner and Trainer

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